Species: Blue Fox
Gender: Herm
Height 152cm (5 feet)
Eyes: Blue
Age: Approximately 27


Jango is a bluefox, and has no memory of hir life before hir early teens. Shi became a bounty hunter when shi was about 18 and has been one since then. Shi is also a very loving caring person and loves to flirt with people.

Jango is digitigrade and slightly on the chubby side. Shi has a normal fox fur pattern but blue and black fur, and hir long blue hair that matches the color of hir blue fur. Shi has a scar across hir right eye that shi got during her early years as a bounty hunter when shi was still very inexperienced and shi got slashed across the face by a knife when she got into combat with a bounty while trying to capture him. Shi usually wears a very loose-fitting blue long sleeve shirt that is just long enough to cover up hir cock, and shi doesn't wear bras or panties as shi finds them uncomfortable due to hir large attributes. Shi is currently in an open relationship with a female.


Character copyright James Jones.
Art copyright © Slipe, Riznit and morbo22.

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