Species: Red Foxtaur
Gender: Herm
Height: 173cm (5' 5")
Age: 28
Eyes: Dark Brown


Irayme had an early life of slavery and shi has become very submissive and thus tends to follow others rather than lead, making hir seem very un-opinionated.

Shi is slim and not very athletic. Shi has a typical red fox coat with white belly and tail tip, black markings on paws, hands and ear tips. Hir hair is dark brown with a length that reaches half way down the back. Hir breasts are B-cup – small but a nice handful, but shi is well-endowed with a twelve inch penis. Shi wears loose shirts, prefers to not wear anything on lower body but will when laws or rules state otherwise, tends to prefer blues or greens. Shi is loving, shy, submissive, and very feminine, but with preference towards females and herms.


Character copyright © Kal Puppy.

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