Species: Whitetail Deer
Gender: Herm
Eyes: Brown
Age: 35


Inman is an digitigrade anthropomorphic deer. As a herm, shi exhibits characteristics of both genders of her species, as evidenced by the small antlers on hir head, which take on an almost half-moon shape. Hir fur is brown, nothing unusual as far as fur pattern goes. Hir hair is black and hangs down to about hir shoulders in a straight cut. Shi typically wears more masculine clothes, such as trench coats, tank-tops, fishnets... what she wears she doesn't wear to be sexy, and she's fine lounging around in articles that are beat up or torn.

Inman is not a very nice character to hang around. Shi's not crazed or psychotic, but shi is a gangster, and a ruthless one at that. Shi is always looking for a way to take advantage of a situation and turn things in hir favor. Shi is handy with rifles and explosives and has a more efficient way of operating than your typical gang member. Shi is the head of an underground racketeering operation and has united several street gangs to work under hir. Shi also owns several establishments that act as fronts for hir underground operations in addition to what they offer the public. Shi has been known to keep slaves and/or pets, kill hir own people when they fail hir and participate in gang wars. Though shi leads, shi is not afraid of getting hir hooves dirty. Racketeer, hitman, leader of an underground organisation that traffics in stolen weapons and goods. Owns several establishments, including a restaurant and a strip-club, most of which serve as a front for operations. Inman is smart, so though shi has a tendency toward violence, shi always analyses the situation first and tries to do the best thing for hirself.

Inman's parent were single-sexed with herm recessive genes. Shi is very feminine, although also tough. Well built without being overly muscular. Shi has average size, well-rounded breasts and a sheathed penis. Shi isn't in any sort of relationship, although shi might pretend to have one with you if it gets hir something shi wants.


Character copyright Adrian.   Art by AnthroXtacy Avatars.

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