Species: Arctic Foxtaur
Mother: Sylvia Blackpaw
Sire: Cherrypaw
Gender: Herm
Born: 26 August 2309
Height: 178cm (5' 10")
Eyes: Left = Green, Right = Gold


Illumanati was born in Perth Western Australia on 26th August 2309. Shi was raised in a small foxtaur village in a cottage with hir parents – Sylvia Blackpaw, an Arctic foxtaur, and Cherrypaw, skunktaur of House Redpaw. Shi met and befriended a small human boy name Stephan Glazer. Shi lost hir parents to a house fire, caused by Humans First sympathisers, luckily, shi survived the blaze by hiding in the cellar, but the smoke damaged hir lungs and vocal cords beyond repair. But during hir adolescent years, shi discovered that shi had Telepathy, Teleportation as well as a new unique ability – diagnosis and healing through touching a patient.

Hir hobbies include dancing, cooking, role playing with Stephan as well as transporter. Stephan and shi became Denmates, and he had a procedure done so that he could sire children with taurs. Soon they had a child, Stephillum.

Shi is a nurse who helps hir husband Stephan in a small clinic, until it was destroyed by H1 sympathisers. They moved to Chakona, where they met up with an old friend; Chakat Sunrise. Stephan and Sunrise also became Denmates and they both conceived a child, Solarblaze. Now Illumanati, Stephan, Sunrise and Stephillum all live together in Silver lake on Didwana near the Skunktaur Archipelago. Stephan and Nati both work in a small clinic.

Pure white with black gloves and socks with and a black streak from hir neck to hir tail. One green left eye and one gold right eye. Pure black hair. Likes to wear Nurses Uniform, skimpy sexy outfits, evening wear and casual clothing. Silver chain bracelet with gold and silver hearts from all hir mates and family members. Green paw pattern on a red circle on hir right breast. Shi has T-6 Telepathy, P-5 Teleportation and Diagnosis & Healing through touch. Shi has 36C breasts and an eight inch cock. Shi is moderately feminine in personality.


Character copyright © David Wishart.

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