Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Age: 22
Eyes: Black


A young chakat, often mistaken for a snow leopard breed at first glance. Shi never leaves behind hir jacket, and is often found lugging around a backpack full of books and notes. Shi wears glasses, though they have no glass in them. Generally shy and introverted around strangers. Quiet around friends, with a dry sense of humor. Prefers reading to socializing, but always makes time to help out when asked. Uncomfortable around other 'taurs. Hir occupation is geologist.

Shi has an extremely strong, unfocused psychic awareness. Shi can be reading a book and yet know how many people are in the room, their moods, and what they are generally doing without looking. Hir parentage is unknown. Shi was found in an escape capsule by a deep space mining team near an asteroid belt. Shi was raised by a dozen people, mostly human, and all non-taur. Shi refers to herself as female, simply from hir upbringing; shi is a full chakat and hermaphrodite. Shi manages to keep hir virginity because of a rather old-fashioned upbinging, which will not be shaken. Irritable during hir peak cycle times, and often hides from everyone for those days.

Iji has an average build, full B-cup breasts, white fur with black stripes, and hair with black highlights. Shi usually wears a casual T-shirt with an old, well-loved leather jacket over it.


Character copyright © Nixelplx.   Art copyright © Black Diaraikia.
NOTE: Art is representative of the character but not actually a drawing of the character hirself.

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