Species: Gray Wolf
Gender: Herm
Height: 163cm (5' 4")
Age: 25


Harlequin was born in the HCKNA. No one realized shi was a herm until high school, and hir only two friends, an Amur Tiger and another wolf, stuck with hir until the three of them went to college. Shi still keeps in touch with Lily, and is going to marry Adrian quite soon. Harlie is fiercely protective of hir family, friends, and loved ones. Cubs hold a special place in hir heart, because they didn't understand why adults avoided hir in high school. The cubs were a constant source of joy. Engaged to Adrian Neal, a male Timber Wolf. Sometimes spends a night with Myrcuri Fontaine, a very small vixen friend of hirs. Harlie is very feminine, exception is when she hits rut. Then, she goes and hunts down hir sometime-girlfriend/stress reliever. Harlie has a problem with anger issues. To remedy this, shi practices during hunting season. Shi frequently participates in Renaissance fairs and loves medieval themed occasions.

Harlie wears typical semi-Goth clothing. If wearing pink, someone will die for it. Wears Biker clothing, too. Leather wristband on the left wrist, angel wing ring on the left middle finger, a digital watch (or the equivalent) on right wrist. Angel wing necklace. Harlequin has black base fur, but dyes the left half silver-white. Hir hair follows the colour scheme of the fur and hir name, so it is natural black on one side and coloured red on the other. Hir eyes are grey, but shi wears coloured contacts, a red one on the right, and a blue one on the left. Shi has large B-cup breasts and average size male endowment.


Character copyright © Duskfur "Duskie" Nightflame.

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