Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Blacktail
Sire: Gildedtongue
Born: 13 November 2332
Eyes: Amber


When Blacktail and Gildedtongue meet at the Double H Club, they hit it off in an instant. They declare themselves mates but due to Gildedtongue's job, they can't be together all the time. Before hir departure, Gildedtongue gives Blacktail a small gift in the form of Grill. Born to Blacktail at the Club, shi is mostly near hir mother or, if shi can escape, explores the Club.

Grill has black socks on hir feet going into red over hir legs then shading into a yellow on the upper legs and lower torso with brown patches on hir lower back, on hir upper torso the yellow fades into soft white. Hir eyes are amber and shi has short red hair. Hir tail is also yellow which goes over to a reddish orange then black near the tip.


Character copyright Chakat Blacktail. Sample art by and copyright © Etuix and Taodog.

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