Species: chakat (x wolftaur)
Gender: Herm
Mother: Jadesong (chakat)
Sire: Matthew (wolftaur)
Born: 10 November 2311
Height: 152cm (5 feet)
Eyes: green


Greymist was the second child of Jadesong and Matthew. Shi was raised outside Portland, and always enjoyed tagging along with hir father as he studied the effects of erosion in the mountains of Oregon. Shi picked up the nickname “Rocky” because shi's a rockhound just like hir father. Following in his footsteps, shi attended college and attained hir Master’s Degree in geology from Stanford. Shi specialized in tectonics, and intends to go back to get hir Ph.D., but first, shi wants to join Star Corps and study other planets. Greymist did work on projects to try and better locate materials to be mined with less environmental impact.

Shi’s had a near brush with death, but felt the risk was worth the reward as shi saved a human child with the help of a few of hir wolftaur kinfolk.

Shi is small and light, with a smaller than average bust for a chakat. Shi has good strength and endurance, but shi won't overwhelm others. Bouncy personality unless doing field research at which time shi gets totally absorbed by hir work. Graduate Assistant at Stanford, but entering Star Corps. Likes to look like Indiana Jones, so shi often wears a T-shirt with a leather jacket and fedora. Shi's an avid golfer and sings for a Goth metal band in the 'Frisco Bay area. Only uses the surname when shi's around the packs in Oregon.


Sample art by and copyright to Mehndi and Diana Harlan Stein.

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