Species: Red Wolf morph
Gender: Herm
Mother: Barbara Grey
Father: Thomas Grey
Eyes: Right: blue, Left: auburn red
Age: 30   (13 January 2302)
Height: 175cm (5' 9")


GreySoul's body is athletic, digitigrade, well-toned, and covered in red fur than fades into tan belly fur. Hir hair is blue, long, and kept back by a single headband. Shi has 44D breasts, a 7" penis and internal testes. Hir current life mate is Fury Rosewood, and hir companions are Quiana Levitt, Benj Mimulus and Emphira Frostwych. Shi has no children yet, but hopes to have several cubs in the near future. Shi is bubbly and open with hir friends; dark and foreboding to those who make life hell for furs.

Shi likes to wear practically anything though you'll find hir in a pair of cover-alls but rarely in a dress, for formal occasions. Shi always wears a belled collar given to hir by hir mate, just to give hir away when shi feels frisky and pouncing. Shi works as an engine and battlemech technician in the family business. Fun loving and always getting into more trouble than shi can get out of. Always eager to please and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. Shi's short-tempered and not afraid to crack a skull when crossed by those who persecute furries.

Was born a human in rural Kentucky but was caught up in an H1 riot while visiting friends when an explosion killed her husband and many of her friends and left her wounded to the point of being paralyzed from the neck down. Suffering many months of mental and physical rehabilitation, a nurse left a copy of Scientific Chakat on the counter in her hospital room one day, left open to an article about the works of Professor Chakat Oceanwalker.

Thus, making all the necessary arrangements, she was finally able to meet with Professor Oceanwalker. Sitting through many examinations, filling out countless surveys, she finally was asked what she really wanted. She explained her life in great detail including her contributions to her family, the friends that she had lost and the furry community. She ended on a somber note, saying that she wanted to become that which she had lost.

Oceanwalker took all that into account along with her test results and explained to her that shi had helped several others like her case. Karen was taken to one of many rooms containing a transporter pad and console. She was given one last chance to opt out, but she knew that this was her one and only chance to return to a life of being able to walk, to dance, to live. She simply said no and then was shown what she was to become.

To her great surprise, Professor Oceanwalker had included the body form of one of Karen's closest friends, the fur color from another and the head hair from her mate who was torn from her in that explosion. She just simply said, "Let's do this". Thus with the flip of a few switches began the exodus from a broken shell to what shi is as you see hir today. A red wolf herm, who has continued to live hir life to the fullest; remembering and honoring those shi has lost and working to make the world a better place for furs everywhere.

Hir parents, who were neither for nor against the furry community, are still coming to terms with the fact that their daughter is now a red wolf herm. Of course the family business, Grey's Motorworks, has dramatically been expanded, due to the influx from the new clientèle


Character copyright © Karen Grey.

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