Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Age: About 30
Height: 168cm (5' 6")
Eyes: Green


Goldstrike is a happy-go-lucky type person with a fairly blasé attitude to life. A 'live it as it comes' type generally, but when it comes to family, shi is fairly serious.

Shi has the ability to learn by watching others and has picked up some amazing skills in many areas including mechanics and electronics. Shi is fairly good at working with hir hands. Working for a shipping company has allowed hir to see things that not too many people have ever seen on spacecraft. Shi enjoys hir secretarial work and keeps hir paperwork neat and filed in a strict way. Enjoys getting out of the office now and then to see the rest of the business as a transport pilot or truck driver.

Shi was adopted by Chakat Starburst and Chakat Bluepaw. The hospital that Bluepaw worked at had advertising up about adopting orphans and shi couldn't help but go and see what cubs were there. At the orphanage, Strike was the only chakat there and only one other taur there, a wolftaur around twice hir age. Shi also didn't have any official name either. Bluepaw felt sorry for hir and arranged to adopt hir immediately. Although shi was adopted, Strike feels like one of the family and would do anything for them. A couple of years later, they all moved from Sydney to Brisbane for Starburst's work. Shi never talks about hir time in the orphanage or before.

Strike has a life-mate, Shadowstalker. They met after Strike got into a bar fight. Shadowstalker was outside while this was happening and was extremely concerned for Strike as shi was the target. Having followed hir home, shi hung around outside, uncertain as to whether to knock or go. Strike sensed hir worry and invited hir in. They both quickly hit it off and not long after declared themselves denmates. They have a cub each, Shadow being the first to fall pregnant with Blazingdawn, and Strike four months later with Cloudwatcher. Strike doesn't have a sexual bias.

Shi has a E4 and T2 rating when used individually. However, when both talents are used in conjunction to each other, they boost the capabilities of the other talent so they become E5 and T3. But, using them both at the same time in this manner requires a lot of concentration and expends more energy than each by themselves.

Shi enjoys playing around with 20th century weaponry and has a body suit with an array of weapons mounted on it that are designed in the manner from that century. A virtual walking tank. Shi had this made for fun by a friend and they use these weapons in mock battles against each other.

Hir basic fur pattern is that of a red-brown foxtaur. Spots on body fur (not belly or boots) are almost the same shade as the fur around it - most visible in bright sunlight. Belly colouring a darker cream. Boots a muddy brown on all six limbs that reach to around the elbows and knees. Tail has the fur pattern of a regluar skunk but has a normal chakat tail. Has a red paw mark over hir E-cup right breast, indicating telepathic ability. Has four gold markings down hir back from right shoulder to left hind hip. They resemble markings from a clawing from a large cat. (Hir name is derived from this marking.) Hir hair is a dark brown-red. Length reaches just below hir lower torso's back. Shi likes tying it back in a low set ponytail with three bands down the length of it. Shi also braids hir fringe under hir ears and back into the ponytail. Around family and friends, shi will go without any clothing. Prefers form-fitting tops to accentuate hir breasts during cooler weather. In warmer weather a bikini is all shi usually wears. Normally shi's never without hir wrist watch/comunicator.

Happy and bubbly generally. Is a bit shy when meeting new people at first but quickly opens up to them then hir mischievous side appears and shi tends to play hamless pranks and jokes. Is quite happy to have the tables turned with pranks and laughs it off quite easily.

Is a bit wary of new and unknown humans for some unknown reason. This trait seems to have been caused by something in hir past prior to hir adoption. Shi is a receptionist and part time driver and pilot for a Brisbane-based spare parts dealer which ships large, bulky aircraft and spacecraft parts to the required locations, which includes trips to disabled ships in deep space to deliver system critical components that can't be created by the onboard replicators, due to size or material composition.

Starburst is a scientist studying alternate FTL drives and is also a worm-hole theorist. Bluepaw works at the local hospital as a triage nurse. Strike's real parents are unknown, but with gene testing that Bluepaw has had done it was found that Strike has foxtaur and skunktaur genes in hir.


Character copyright © Tim Wilson.

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