Species: Chakat (x Starwalker)
Gender: Herm
Born: 15 June 2308
Mother: Teardrop (Chakat)
Sire: Starburst (Starwalker Foxtaur, deceased)
Height: 190cm (6' 3")
Eyes: Bright Blue


Goldpaw was born on a space station deep in the territory of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Hir mother, Chakat Teardrop, is the stationís head security officer. Hir sire is Starburst, a Starwalker Stellar Foxtaur and the Station's Chief Engineer. Being deep inside a low Federation-patrolled sector, the station was a wayward point for transporters, smugglers, mercenaries, and Federation ships. The threat of constant Pirate Attacks has made the station, and its occupants, wary of new visitors and value of helping each other out, regardless of their occupation. On numerous occasions, Star Fleet Officers have fought side by side with mercenaries and smugglers.

2324: Goldpaw discovers hir ability to teleport when shi rescues hir father from a surprise pirate attack. Hir sire was fixing the antenna outside when shi teleported outside, without a spacesuit, and teleported hir father back inside before the ships attacked.

2327: Goldpaw leaves the station with hir mother after hir father is killed during a Human First Riot. They head for Terra.

2329: After seeing constant rise of Human First attacks on Terra, Goldpaw decided to leave and head for Chakona on board the Starliner R Mc Manus.

2339: Shi joins the crew of the FCT corp as security and science advisor.

2341: Goldpaw encounters a young overgrown chakat cub named Solarblaze, Goldpaw sees a potential new crew member.

Goldpaw has deep purple fur, with a gold coloured paw-park over hir left breast. Shi inherited all the special abilities of hir Starwalker sire as well as hir chakat abilities. Shi is exceptionally tall for a chakat and has 35C breasts and an eleven inch penis. Shi has a holographic device that contains images of Charles and Katherine Turner who shi feels a great bond with. Hir hair ties are long range psionic transceivers that can locate other chakats or psionicly gifted furs. Hir clothing is either FSS Draconus uniform or casual dress.

Talents: T-4 Teleportation, E-4 Empath, E-4 Telepath. Special abilities: A combination of Talents gives hir the ability of Sensory Deception. This is the ability to shield oneís scent and psionic abilities from other beings. However long prolonged use of the ability, as in all other abilities, are taxing on the mental and physical endurance of Goldpaw. Side effects include increased hunger, migraines and fatigue.

Goldpaw is friendly, observant, and intelligent. Shi has a sense of loyalty to all chakats. At first, Goldpaw has no interest in finding a denmate, but shi does have lots of companions with a variety of species, then shi develops a crush for a fellow crew member, a chakat named Dusk.


Character copyright David Wishart.

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