Species: Fox-wolf hybrid (Folf)
Gender: Herm
Age: 27
Eyes: Green
Height: 163cm (5' 4")


Gabriella is the middle child of hir family, Shi has both a twin brother (Gabriel) and a younger sister (Kaylee). Gabby, as shi prefers to be called by friends, tends to be a bit of an oddball, having both a dry sense of humor and a rather whimsical side to hir. Shi grew up in the Vancouver area, but when shi was old enough shi moved to Melbourne Australia, wanting to get away from a lot of the Humans First groups near hir. Despite hir oddball nature, Gabby's mind is like a steel trap and is very good at puzzles both jigsaw or otherwise. Gabby tends to come off as a bit of a bubbly and friendly personality, but it does hides her very caring and sometimes motherly demeanor.

Gabriella was born of normal male and female parents, neither hir mother (Cassandra, wolf) nor hir father (Jonathan, fox) were aware that they carried recessive genes for hermaphrodism, so hir gender came as a complete surprise to them. Gabby is 100% bisexual and shi enjoys having fun with males, females or other herms. Generally wears black leather pants with matching knee high boots and vest, and usually has a spiked collar. Shi has a 36C bust and an average size sheathed penis.


Character copyright Gabriel Fawkes.
Art copyright © Julie Wondra and Erin Topping.

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