Species: Folf
(Red Fox / Arctic Wolf hybrid)
Mother: Crysteen Icewolf
Sire: Nordic Icewolf
Gender: Herm
Born: 2346
Eyes: Ice Blue


Frostpaw is the kit/pup of a herm Red Fox (Crysteen) and a male Arctic Wolf (Nordic). Hir fur is icy blue with white socks, gloves and tail tip. While shi has a fox-like tail, hir ears resembles those of a wolf. Hir hair is bright red.

Frostpaw is very friendly and happy as a pup, and loves cuddles and nuzzles. However when shi grows up, shi develops a rebellious streak and loves causing trouble, which Crysteen attributes to hir mate's rogue nature. When shi gets older, Frostpaw discovers shi has the special ability of Cryokenisis, which is the ability to freeze liquid and form ice on any surface.


Character copyright © David Wishart.

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