Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Lorea
Sire: Firefur


Firestar was born in an apartment in a city in Africa to foxtaur mother named Lorea (Basque for Blossom) and a chakat sire named Firefur. After hir sire died when shi was two years old, hir mother moved back to her home village. Although shi was the only chakat there, the foxtaurs welcomed hir into their community with few exceptions. When she was old enough, she went to study genetics at a nearby university, paying hir way by waitering and with some help from hir family. Near the end of hir studies, shi went on a tour to New Generation Genetics and one of the locals showed hir the Double H Club. Soon after getting hir degree, shi got a job as a junior assistant at NGG and moved into a room at the Double H. On hir days off, shi plays keyboard for a local band and sometimes help Blacktail with repairs.

Hir fur pattern strongly resembles that of hir mother, and is a dark red with earth-brown 'gloves' and forepaw 'socks', but hir hind paws are pure white. Hir lower jaw is white, and on the chest is a white diamond that stretches from the throat to the bottom of upper belly with the side edges just beneath the breasts. Lower belly is completely white. Black ears and short blond hair. Shi has E-cup breasts which shi loves having fondled and suckled. Larger than average penis. Prefers to wear a loose-fitting jacket left open to expose the breasts, although shi wears a neat tight top for more formal occasions. Shi wears an armband on hir left arm near the shoulder. Shi enjoys 3-way sex to the point of addiction.


Character copyright Lupus.

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