Species: Pumataur
Gender: Herm
Born: 25 April 2310 (Age:22)
Height: 158cm (5' 2")
Eyes: Light hazel
Mother: Honeyeyes
Sire: Dominique/Dominic Azurecoat


Born in the Kansas district of Dakota in Greater North America, the young Faux, then known as Adrianne, led a pretty quiet, small-town life with hir sisters, Janette and Lorraine. Hir parents had had many run-ins with local HCK activists, as they lived quite close to the southern Dakota border. As such, hir family moved a little further north around the time Adrianne turned 5, trying to escape the angry mobs of HCK protesters.

Adrianne frequently made excursions to visit the Konza prairie conservation, just to be by hirself and get in touch with nature. Hir mother, HoneyEyes, who noticed hir daughter’s reclusiveness, encouraged hir to get more involved into the community, and prodded all of hir daughters to join the Double H Club. Shi believed that, not only would this make hir daughters more active and social, but it would also show them other herms in the community and give them confidence in their gender. This worked, and Adrianne became quite social with many friends. During hir time at the club, shi met a herm belly dancer by the name of Tonia, and became quite fascinated by the art. For the next few years, Adrianne spent hir free time practicing belly-dancing with Tonia, working to integrate the art with a taur body, as well as learning about Tonia’s culture (who came from India). They eventually became casual lovers, Tonia being Adrianne’s firsts, and would have gotten into a more serious relationship had Tonia not moved away for job placing purposes. When Adrianne turned the age of 17 and was just starting a foreign studies curriculum, a secretive group originating from the HCK assassinated hir parents in their home; it was an act of hate and violence, though it was also the result of a personal grudge against Adrianne’s father. The deaths were meant to be a sign to herms; that they should get out of the area immediately, lest there should be more deaths. It was leaked that Adrianne, Lorraine, and Janette were next to be targeted by the assassination group, and as such they were taken into the custody of the Witness Protection Program. The Program decided it would be best to send all three girls to different areas, ideally off of the continent. Janette was then moved to South America, under the name of Natalie TealEye; Lorraine was moved to Europe, under the name of Chloe Fairstep; and Adrianne was moved to Australia, designated to be renamed Melody Bluepaw, although shi soon changed hir name to “Faux” instead.

Before leaving, Faux asked the directors of the program if shi could still be a member of the Double H Club. They allowed this, as long as shi made no references to hir old membership and purchased a new one under hir new name. Shi then moved to Melbourne, applied for living quarters at the Double H Club and a low-profile desk job, asking hir employers to keep hir identity as little known as possible.

It was about 2 years before there was any news regarding the assassin group. Faux got a call stating that the case had been cracked, the group infiltrated, and over 23 members apprehended, including the 5 people directly linked to hir parent’s death. Hir sisters got the same call, and the Protection program offered to ship hir back to Kansas and help hir find housing there, stating it was safe to assume hir former identity. Faux turned down the offer, not wishing to uproot hirself once more, and getting rather comfortable with hir identity as “Faux Bluepaw”. Shi did, however, take a few weeks off to go and visit hir sisters, who had decided to move back, and to assure them *and hirself* that shi was safe and moving towards the eventual goal of being a social studies professor, and possibly an Ambassador for Star Corps.

Shi’s since returned to Melbourne, alerting hir employers that it was safe to convey hir identity to the other members and staff, and also confiding hir complete situation. Faux still holds hir desk job, but is hoping that, one day, shi’ll garner up the courage to perform as a belly dancer for the club.

Faux would’ve been quite a blasé character, if shi didn’t consume so much caffeine during her 'awake' hours. As is, shi’s incredibly excitable and very bouncy and energetic in a comfortable setting, but shi’s always quite friendly and easy to get along with, as well as wickedly creative. However, Faux is somewhat of a recluse; shi’s not really the type to initiate conversations, leaving hir with a lot less relationships then shi has the potential to generate. Shi’s also relatively cautious about asking too many questions, usually preferring to wait, listen, and observe in order to get the info she wants. Mostly shi’s grown used to people not knowing of her existence, or else making sure they don’t know who exactly shi is. Hir inability to keep grudges has helped hir move past many stumbling blocks in hir life that many would find hard to overcome, although it’s also left hir with a deep sense of hurt, loss, and loneliness that hir personality conflicts with constantly.

Faux has many feline tendencies, and one of her most prominent is her propensity to sleep. Shi normally sleeps through all hours of the daytime, waking up at dusk and going about hir business till just after dawn breaks. This usually forces hir to take night-time shifts, an arrangement shi’s generally pleased with, since shi’d rather prefer to avoid the larger crowds during the day. Faux is a harmonious mix between hir male and female sides, although shi’s more interested in females most of the time (except when shi’s in heat). Otherwise, shi’s been known to be a real gentleman and a complete lady all in one go.

Faux is frequently mistaken for a chakat, which inspired hir to change hir name to “Faux”, as in fake. It is true shi’s the general build for a chakat, although hir taur body is somewhat longer a little stockier in build. Hir tail, while thick, is at least 20% thinner and shorter than any chakat tail, and lacks prehensile qualities. Shi does not possess the firmness of breast that all chakats possess, which becomes clearly evident when shi dances. Hir forepaws also lack the dewclaw thumb that chakats possess.

Faux comes from a line of herm pumataurs genetically modified so that (A) sired children will have a plush, soft coat and (B) every sired child comes out with a blue tint. The child may carry fur coloration strongly influenced by the mother, although it will always be tinted blue if sired by Faux’s type of pumataur. It’s curious to note that these traits are not carried in hir ovum, and, if shi mothered a child, the child isn’t guaranteed to be blue or have plush fur. What’s more, these trends only affect the skin and fur; eyes and human type hair are not affected by it. Only sired children will carry this gene.

When shi belly-dances, Faux becomes mildly sexually aroused on hir female side, although watching other belly dancers make hir majorly sexually aroused on hir male side, to the point of embarrassing erections. Hir personal fetish is for others to pet and rub hir fur provocatively.

Hir fur resembles a calico in pattern, although with varying blue and black tones instead of brown and white. Hir fur texture resembles that of a rex rabbit, which is ultra plush and soft to the touch; yet not as durable as a regular coat-type (shi must pay much attention to it). Hir hair is sandy brown, with some auburn highlights. Reaches down to hir back, is usually tied back in a loose pony tail, and is fairly wavy in texture. Both ears are pierced twice, and one ear is pierced a third time on the top part of hir lobe. Hir belly button is also pierced, and shi possesses a vast collection of belly button rings. Shi usually wears brass stubs or rings in all hir piercings, and adorns brass bangles on hir wrists and forepaws. Also possesses a brass tail-ring shi wears when dancing or whenever shi feels confident. It’s been theorized that, with the shaking of hir bangles when shi’s hyper or excited, shi can generate the attention shi’s too anxious to verbally ask for. Shi preferes form-fitting cut-off tank-tops so that shi can show off hir bellybutton rings and tee’s for her topside. Also, shi’s one of the very few taurs who prefer to wear clothing on their taur half; usually a simple, airy black skirt, although shi’s also been known to wear pants and sometimes, if shi’s feeling ambitious, shi’ll adorn hir taur half with brass chains to go with hir jewelry. Hir style has been described as Gypsy-like or Bohemian in style. Shi has 34C breasts and has a blue-tinted 8" long sheathed penis. Faux is a weak A3, who becomes a mild A4 while sleeping. This is probably the reason why shi enjoys sleep so much, but that’s up to speculation, as shi’s never confirmed it. Shi is currently not in a relationship and has no children. Shi is a Part-Time Assistant to the Head of the Housing Department of the Double H Club, Melbourne Branch.

Hir father is Dominique/Dominic Azurecoat, herm pumataur, blue-tinted puma coloring. Hir mother is HoneyEyes, female felitaur, calico-colored.


Sample art by and copyright to Mooneyes.

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