Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Swiftstrike
Sire: Emberpaw
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 163cm (5' 4")
Age: 21


Daydreamer is a snow leopard patterned chakat who is 5' 4" tall, and a little on the hefty side even by species standard. Shi could be described as rather pudgey, although shi's not entirely unfit. Shi's a tad akward socially thanks to some trauma in hir past, but shi tries to be outgoing and is generally affectionate, if a bit prone to teasing. Shi is cheerful, if somewhat awkward and shy on first encounters. Once shi's relaxed around someone, hir almost brash nature starts to show through, and shi'll happily indulge in affectionate ribbing and teasing. Shi is a lot more confident in hir role as an ensign in Star Fleet however.

Shi generally wears single-coloured shirts and halters, though shi has a weakness for period clothing of most sorts. Shi will happily squee over both classic uniforms and frilly Edwardian tops alike, although shi doesn't have much of a taste for jewellery. Shi is single, but has a few close friends. Shi is sexually unbiased but tends to be a tad feisty. Shi is a full D-cup and hir cock is a little on the large side.


Character copyright Alairan.
Art by Pinkle and Keihound.

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