Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Frostripe
Sire: Greytail
Height: 181cm (5' 11")
Eyes: Red
Age: 26 - Born: 23 September 2305


Darkepaw is a rather relaxed chakat, a bit of a tease and rather playful. Shi's the captain of a transport (smuggler) ship, although shi's currently on vacation. Shi tends to take needed items or people to places where they are needed. Even if others don't want them there. She's there at the Double H Club to support other herms and comes in every once in a while to enjoy the company of the other herms.

Darkepaw has caramel brown fur with lighter inner fur and chocolate brown paws. Hir hair is reddish-brown and hir eyes are also red. Shi has large C-cup breasts. Shi prefers wearing vests, jackets, or anything with a good amount of pockets, and T-shirts. Shi can be lazy at times, but loves to laugh and make others laugh. Shi's happy mating in either gender (no pref) as well as kinky games. Shi has no mates, but shi's currently dating Chakat Deirdre and Chakat Silkpaws. Shi has no children as yet. Shi has a calico patterned sister named SilentStep.


Character copyright © Shade1111.   Art copyright © Kacey Miyagami.

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