Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Age: 23
Eyes: Light Green
Height: 154cm (5' ½")


Darkcloud was adopted by a wolf and jaguar anthro couple who had a daughter who was also a herm. Hir adoptive parents and family spent many of hir years growing up in space as researchers. Shi grew up loving and respecting nature that shi wanted to share what shi saw with the world around hir. Shi went to college to study photography and art, and now shi spends hir time either photographing or drawing the world around hir. While in college she discovered that shi had a knack for dancing and took that up as a well-tuned hobby. As to why she was adopted, hir parents were deep water explorers. Their last exploration was only to take a day and Darkcloud was left with Firecatcher (jaguar) and Dyami (wolf) who were hir sire's and mother's denmates. They didnt return that day nor the next and after over two years of searching, hir parents were proclaimed dead.

Darkcloud has silver fur with jaguar spots. Hir waist-length hair is silver with a few black streaks running through it. Shi usually wears a halter top to contain hir 42DD breasts, usually purple, blue or green, but occasionally red or brown. Shi is ornamented with leather braided wrist bands and necklace with a sea shell. Shi is fun and outgoing, nature-seeking, and would spend any amounts of time out trailblazing or in the water. Hir only relationship at the moment is a Companionship with hir adoptive sister.


Character and art by and copyright to Rosalie Dall.

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