Species: Vulpinoid
Gender: Herm
Mother: Voxanna Claps
Sire: Daniel Claps (dec.)
Age: 17 (Born: 2332)
Eyes: Bright blue


Crysteen was born on a luxury starship on the way to Chakona. Shi was diagnosed with autism, a disability once thought only associated with human children. Shi was given special teaching once shi was old enough for school. Hir first sexual experience was with Illumanati when shi had hir heat cycle. Shi met hir current mate through hir mother. Shi was nursing hir sister Firestripe, when shi met Nordic Icewolf, an arctic wolf morph. He was visiting hir mom, and shi fell in love with him, which was not unusual, as hir mother fell in love with hir father when shi was 18, and he was also an arctic wolf morph. Shi spoke to hir mom, Admiral Viktor Sergiovich Chernokov, hir stepdad and Aunty Illumanati about hir feelings. They all decided that they should support hir decision and desire for this rogue adventurer. Soon after a passionate mating, and conception; he later took hir to be his denmate, giving hir a gold ring, symbolic to the human's engagement. During hir pregnancy, Crysteen applied for Engineering and Mechanics course at the Star Fleet academy. Shi was accepted, and soon graduated.

Crysteen is a digitigrade fox morph and hir fur is typical red fox with white cheeks and white gloves and socks and white tail tip. Hir hair is dark brown and worn in two pigtails tied with a heart bubble. Hir favourite clothes are a yellow top with a pink heart, and a yellow skirt, or hir blur bathing suit with bubbles. Hir only ornamentation is hir gold engagement ring. Shi has E-cup breasts and a nine inch knotted cock. Shi is bashful and friendly. Highly sexual and flirtatious, just like hir mother. Loves building anything mechanical or electrical. Loves swimming, dancing and singing.


Character copyright © David Wishart.

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