Species: Cheetah morph
Gender: Herm
Age: 25
Height: 180cm (5' 11")
Eyes: Green
Adopting mother: Roselyn Davis (Human)
Adopting father: Stephen Davis (Human)


Born in sub-Saharan Africa, but the exact location and date are unknown, as are the actual identities of hir birth parents. Most adults in hir village she was found at, had been killed during what could only be called a tribal war which took only days, but left many orphans. Those children left were turned over to relatives or sympathetic villagers (especially those who had lost children of their own).

Being the only herm, no one would claim hir as family, and no other villages wanted hir. Shi was less than a year old from what they could determine, and she was placed in state care until shi could be placed with a family permanently. It took about a year more, but shi was transferred to the GNA where a human couple took hir in as their own. Shi quickly stole their hearts.

Roselyn and Stephen Davis thought knew what they were in for. They had twice before adopted “unwanted” children, but that had been when they were both young. Now, they were middle-aged. A friend at their church had mentioned it and they took it as a sign that they should be parents again. They lived a modest, but happy life, balancing technology and land. They enjoyed the outdoors which they immediately immersed Connal in.

When Connal hit puberty, they had to deal with problems they had never had before. There were morphs in their community, but no herms (at least no one knew of any). The school nurse made some calls to one of the local universities to find out if they had suggestions. It was immediately recommended that shi be brought down for a thorough examination.

The Davis’s discussed it for a week before they all agreed that they would go together. Connal was slightly embarrassed about it, but knew they were trying to show support for hir no matter what.

The examination only lasted two days, and most of it was completed in hours on the first day. More time was spent pouring through the data to look for what issues there might have been and would be. Late in the morning of the second day, two doctors came in to speak with all three. This time, Connal asked that hir parents stay to hear everything (although hir mother could feel hir shaking).

The doctors said that from the analysis, shi was a hermaphrodite born of single sex parents who both had the recessive gene. There had been some developmental problems, but those could be altered by surgery or gene therapy. Also, there was a need to stabilize hir endocrine system.

Options were laid out before them, but the gene therapy and surgical procedures were more expensive than could be afforded. There was also put forth the option to be altered to a single sex. Connal only took a moment to say shi didn’t consider that an option. Both parents moved closer to Connal as if they were forming a wall. Stephen stated that Connal’s decision was final and that option would not be mentioned again. Both doctors backpedaled stating that they only were putting forth options, not requiring action. At that, everyone calmed back down but hir parents stayed close to hir sides.

The female doctor sighed and explained that there was an issue that had to be acknowledged. Although Connal could be both mother and father, unless shi would have gene therapy and surgery, she recommended against being a mother. With treatment, she’d be fine, but without, her body would probably have complications that could endanger mother and child. Connal explained shi had no intention of having children which caused everyone to laugh. Roselyn spoke up first saying that was good for now, but in the future, things might be different.

Both hir parents had already given Connal “the talk” because they understood shi'd be going through changes on both sides. They were both open minded enough to know that they could not stop the body’s desires, but did want Connal to respect hirself and hir needs. The doctors prescribed hormone therapy and minimal medication with a request to do follow-up exams.

Connal developed as a male and continued in that route through puberty. Shi was thankful that shi only had A cup breast as shi found them to be an encumbrance, although to hir personal delight found they could be sensitive if shi really wanted. While most of hir classmates treated hir as just another student, shi did suffer from the occasional person who would denigrate to name calling.

The first time shi lashed out at someone at school, she gave them a swat across face. Even shi was amazed at how fast shi had turned and struck. As hir harasser prepared to swing back at hir, shi kneed him in the groin. When he crumpled to the floor shi quietly apologized and walked to principal’s office to await punishment. Although suspended for a week for fighting at school, and losing privileges at home for a month, it had been worth it as the bullies sought out easier targets.

Due to hir medications, shi was not allowed to participate in competitive sports due to the “doping” regulations. In actuality, the hormones and drugs had inhibited hir abilities instead of enhancing them, but it made no difference. Shi’d run with the cross country team in the fall, work with the track & field team in the winter and spring, and enjoyed the company of others who liked hiking and orienteering throughout the summer.

In high school shi was an above average, but not outstanding student. Shi hadn’t much of a social life outside of just a few good friends who saw hir as a friend as well. He quickly realized that most of the females who showed any interest in hir sexually were either doing that as a dare or just considering hir a toy. Shi had only tried one encounter with a male, and that had not gone well for either of them.

Shi decided on a business degree for college and devoted her energies to that end. Still shi found the local hiking group and made friends there, but always seemed distant. Shi was usually the spare within the group and not a couple. Shi really didn’t tell anyone hir gender, although she had attempted to find people such as hirself without much luck.

The company shi’s working for has given hir a promotion in logistics, but it entails a relocation to Melbourne. Shi currently has a male human friend (Glenn Thomas) as roommate and he has proven his sincerity, but shi knows shi’s incomplete.

Personality-wise, Shi is normally quiet, almost to being shy, but can have outbursts of anger which shi immediately regrets (shi’d say hir parents taught hir better than that). Outwardly more male, matching hir appearance, but tends to be more feminine when shi forgets hirself or drops hir guard (façade).

Connal is a digitigrade cheetah morph with typical cheetah colour and pattern, and no head hair. Shi is masculine, but thin as shi continues to exercise regularly. Shi has A-cup breasts and a six inch human-like penis. Shi has very fast reflexes and control. Shi prefers to dress male style, and likes a sharp business suit and tie. For casual wear, shi likes polo shirts and khakis. In hir apartment, shi’ll wear simple shorts and a tank top. Shi bottles up her emotions until shi gets to the breaking point. Shi’s managed to maintain a balance, but shi knows shi needs to find a better balance in hir whole life. Shi’s never really had deep contact with other herms until joining the Double H Club. Shi’s worked in business with them, but none have been more than a passing acquaintance. Shi promotes a more masculine image not because shi’s hiding, but that’s what shi prefers.


Character copyright Larry Wise.   Art copyright © 2011 Sandy Schreiber.

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