Species: Arctic Fox Morph
Gender: Herm
Age: 18
Height: 167cm (5' 6")
Eyes: Violet


Clover was born in a village somewhere on the coast of Greenland on the coldest day of the year. Shi gets hir name from hir strange clover-shaped birthmark. Shi leans very heavily towards hir male side when it comes to relationships but shi has been known to switch it up if the right person comes along. Shi was involved in a horriffic accident when she was six and has had no memory of anything that happened before it. She has no living family.

Clover seems very shy around new people at first, but if you show hir that you're a good friend, shi will be a friend for life. Or if your someone who wants to be more than friends, shi has been known to be extremely flirtatious once shi gets comfortable. Shi loves all kinds of music no matter what it is and likes to play several instruments. Shi also composes music of hir own.

Clover is an average size digitigrade morph, but although Arctic Foxes normally have a darker summer coat, hir fur is permanently white, with a green clover-shaped mark on hir left thigh. Shi has 32C breasts and a 6" cock with canine knot.


Character copyright to Jessica Hidds.

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