Species: Grey Wolf/Red Fox hybrid
Gender: Herm
Mother: Lucy (fox)
Sire: Rick (wolf)
Age: 22
Height: 178cm (5' 10")
Eyes: One Blue, One Green


Born in Portsmouth, Britain, to two single-sex parents who both had the recessive herm gene, Cindy had a hard time growing up as a hermaphrodite. Shi feels more male than female and this makes it hard for hir to find a mate. Shi would one day like to have children but is afraid they will have the same trouble shi did growing up. Shi is currently working as a waiter at the Double H Club until shi can do something better one day.

Cindy is digitigrade and has a solid build which is slightly muscular. Hir fur pattern is similar to a red fox, but hir hair is short and grey like hir father's. Shi has medium size breasts and a sheathed penis. Shi wears jeans and a T-shirt when out and about, but leaves off the shirt in private. Usually wears a Native American dreamcatcher necklace. Shi is strongly masculine except when shi goes into heat. Shi is a bit shy and afraid of having a long-term relationship, so shi often has one-night stands or brief relationships at best. Shi has a distinct British Isle accent.


Character copyright © JD Wells.

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