Species: chakat (x Skunktaur)
Gender: Herm
Mother: Shadowhunter
Sire: Dante
Height: 190cm (6' 3")
Eyes: Deep Green
Age: 24


Large, friendly and very much a joker, Onca is pretty normal among chakats. Shi enjoys greeting others with a hug, is an absolute cuddle whore, and tends to be a very good listener for others' problems when needed. Tends to alternate between a very passive, relaxed attitude and great bursts of very much cub-like energy, doing goofy things that can sometimes annoy others, but generally are just meant to amuse. Sense of humor is very open, finding a great majority of things amusing to one degree or another, able to find the 'good' side of almost anything. Tries to help others see this point of view, even if it rarely works.

Onca is also a T5 Telekinetic, a 'gift' of sorts from hir sire. Occupation is planetary explorer with the Star Corps, specifically being a sort of jack of all trades, with a slight emphasis on defending any group shi is put with – basically an extra pair (or two!) of hands, and added security.

Onca is exceptionally tall for a chakat, probably caused by having a skunktaur for hir sire. Shi is slightly more muscular than the average chakt, but not obviously so. Hir fur is a dark grey base coat with a light grey belly and leopard like light spots. Dyed deep forest green hair and stripe from base of spine down to tip of tail. Blue paw-print mark on right breast. Clothing preferences: Vests are the norm, but formal occasions often prompt decorative long-sleeve tops. Can sometimes be seen with a necklace sporting a crystal-cut, roughly thumb-tip sized piece of obsidian. Shi is single, but maintains friendships with beings from various places and visits family on Chakona often. Shi has a significant masculine bias, although has been known to sometimes perform lesbian-type sexual acts with females, by personal preference. Hir bust is a normal 38C, but hir penis size is as impressive as hir body - 12" long and 3.5" wide - which some potential lovers find intimidating.


Character © Raserei.   Art copyright © Illys.

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