Species: Squirrel morph
Gender: Herm
Age: 21
Height: 145cm (4' 9")
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Red


Cara has always been a traveler. Shi's been looking for a home and proper friends for most of hir life, but shi always seems to find good company because of hir good nature. Shi's currently making a living as a courtesan. Being a descendant of a former exotic sex slave species, shi has both the temperament and aptitude for the job. However hir parents were just normal male and female squirrel morphs, but they both had the herm recessive gene which was also apparently linked to another gene for fur colour because hir fur's various shades of green is not a dye job.

Cara is a plantigrade morph with 42D breasts and a human-like 10" penis that is normally in a green-furred sheath. Shi has no clothing preferences, but shi usually wears ear studs. Shi has no relationships or children yet, but is open to the idea of both. Shi is loving, naughty and friendly, and will probably make someone a very good mate one day, but in the meantime shi's having a lot of fun.


Character coyright K. Jones.
Sample art by and copyright to Dare'al and Mizers.

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