Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Height: 168cm (5' 6")
Eyes: Warm Brown


Brushwood is a Chakona native and works as a civilian doctor in a New Amistad hospital. However, shi frequently goes to medical conferences on Earth, and would often take the time to visit the Double H clubs. Brushwood has a single lifemate, Midsummer, whom shi is very happy with, despite their conflicting sexual preferences. It is worth noting however that Brushwood is quite naÔve about most problems that morphs face on Earth, having lived a fairly sheltered life on Chakona. Brushwood has an extremely bright and cheery personality. Shiís one of those people who is so nice that itís nearly impossible not to come away from the encounter smiling. If caught in a medical situation, however, the transformation from smiling face to focused doctor is instantaneous.

Brushwood's fur is patterned like a young cougar, including dark spots and rings on hir tail. Fur also seems fluffier than normal. Shi has dark auburn hair, slightly longer than chin length. Hair is mostly straight and swept to the side. While on Earth, Brushwood would wear the part of hir wardrobe specifically accenting hir feminine qualities. Since hir mate is even more female inclined than shi is, Brushwood is used to being in the male role and looks to the clubs to indulge hir female side. Shi tends to wear jewelry while on Earth, to help emphasize hir femininity, although shi has a specific set of ruby earrings shi wears (a gift from hir lifemate). Shi sires a child with Midsummer in June 2333.


Character copyright Michael Stacy a.k.a. Kaia Cougar, and art copyright © Jennifer Doyle a.k.a. Zephira.

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