Species: Eurasian River Otter
Gender: Herm
Age: 25
Eyes: Brown
Height: 173cm (5' 8")


Brianna is an unusual otter. While possessing both sets of sexual organs, shi has a strong female preference and wouldn't mind if you addressed hir as 'she' or 'her'. Shi does not look obvious either, believing modesty to be an important virtue. Hir origin is in North Wales, hir family coming from the Snowdonia-Anglesey area. However, shi left the sanctuary of home to travel, taking an expertise in herbs and medieval medicine around with hir wherever shi goes.

Shi was born into a family group where herm otters were respected as visionaries, able to see both sides of the spectrum and be wise judges. This was not always the case but Brianna was the first in the grouping to show signs of responsibility and maturity beyond hir years. However hir voice, due to a genetic mutation, did not develop and shi could only communicate in sign language and basic sounds. Given that hir early exposure to language was strong Northern Welsh, shi can say some very basic Welsh if shi concentrates.

Hir life took a turn with a shire horse stallion-morph decided that hir healing nature and rapidly growing empathy skills would serve him best. Shi was forced into his ring of sex slavery, acting as a healer to the inevitably wounded victims and shi soon hatched a plan to rescue them after capture. It was not always a success and the deaths of those who failed the sadistic torture trials can weigh heavily at times. But success soon followed and much to hir captor's increasing anger. Shi soon escaped with the aid of a tough wolf captive who killed the equine with his own whip before the gruelling training could begin in earnest. He returned hir to the mountains where hir family were and for a while, shi had to stay in the shelter of the holt to recover hir senses.

For a month or so, shi recouperated and then resolved to help those in need. Hir family were very supportive of this idea and decided to train hir in advanced herbalism and empathy in the process restoring hir senses and enthusiasm for life. Shi began travelling and added to hir learning. Shi can thusly 'speak' British Sign Language (BSL), American Sign Language (ASL) and communicate with gestures copied from hir surroundings. Shi can understand English and Welsh most, picking up lip reading for these languages the best.

Hir quest for learning soon took hir to Melbourne, Australia, visiting some relatives there. While enjoying their company, shi heard about a 'Double H' club, overheard from a conversation in a cafe. Curious, shi followed them at a respectful distance and found the place. Then she left quickly after a glimpse, shyness overcoming hir. Then hir flatmate, a fellow otter herm with a strong male bias and a relatively new member, excitedly told Brianna about 'an exciting new place, you should check it out!'. Along they went (Brianna did not let on shi'd already found the spot, taking mild amusement from this fact) and with much translating of rapid paw movements, shi was soon vouched for and allowed temporary access to give the place a try. After a week as a guest, shi found the place to hir liking and eagerly wrote home to inform hir parents that their grouping was by far not the only place to accept and cherish herms.

Thus far, shi has remained steady in Melbourne, and shi's currently training there as a nurse, working especially for people of any age who have hearing issues where hir expertise in sign language is most useful. While the urge to travel does arise, shi opts to stay in Australia for the time being until shi finds more branches worldwide to spread the good word. Shi is still on a temporary guest status but joins hir friend to visit regularly.

Shi is a bright individual with sparkling eyes and an insatiable taste for learning and history especially mythology and the study of various long dead cultures. While hir past is far from perfect, shi has an enthusiastic approach to life that brightens the days of those she meets. Shi has a strong sense of justice and hir temper flares at stories of abuse or exploitation. Most of the time, shi is mellow and calm, but can slip into morose moods at unexpected moments if something triggers a bad memory. This mood can be broken by the gift of snuggles and affection though. Shi is almost completely bisexual in that shi does not favour one gender over another. Shi thrives on caring personalities and likes to provide and care for others regardless of what they are. However, shi has a fierce distrust of equines and equine taurs, mostly due to hir bad experience that mentally scarred hir from some time past.

Brianna is digitigrade, and has a chocolate brown coat with creamy white-gold underside that extends to the inner thighs and the underside of the tail. Paws, elbows and tail tip are darker, close to black, ears and muzzle tip are a darker brown. Around the tail tip, there are 3 purple dyed rings. Upon the upper arms there are two purple rings and two similar stripes on the upper thighs. On the left cheek there are two dyed purple dots and on the lower back, there are 3 pairs of 2 dots on the tailbase, leading to a larger one on the tail itself. Hair is brown with hints of darker shades and red. It trails to the middle of hir back and is tucked away behind hir ears. Breast size is 34B and shi has a typical sized sheathed lutrine penis. Normal attire is modest. Shi wears a halter top with straps about the neck favouring either purple or green as colour preference. About her waist, shi opts for a stylised loincloth to cover the parts beneath and a sash that trails just to the floor between hir legs, bearing a tribal fish design. Otherwise, hir tastes are simple and modest, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, usually with an otter on it, suffices. Shi is not big on jewellery, but shi does favour simple necklaces, occasionally wearing a necklace with small gems shi found by chance. Otherwise, shi has no preference.


Character and art copyright © Loupgaros.

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