Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Laurasia
Sire: Starduster
Born: 15 February 2308
Eyes: Deep Blue


Bluestripe is unusual in that shi has had three names – hir birth name given to hir by hir chakat parents was Hunter, Daughter of Laurasia and Starduster. Orphaned as an infant, hir adoptive human parents renamed hir Artemis which shi grew up with. Shi acquired the nickname Bluestripe as an adult when shi was training in military surveillance using empathic links with hir partner, Redstripe. The nickname has stuck, and nowadays that the name shi mostly goes by. Hir passport has hir officially named "Artemis Bluestripe".

Although shi was raised in an agricultural setting, Bluestripe longed to do other things and see other places. Shi ended up joining the Federation Special Forces and was trained in hand-to-hand combat and typical specialty military techniques. After the death of hir partner, shi trained as a space freighter pilot. Shi moved to Chakona in 2340. Shi owns hir own (antique) freighter and makes occasional cargo and charter trips - likes to import hir human family's rare fruits to Chakona when they're in season. Mostly retired now, shi likes to spend hir time hiking and exploring the wilderness with hir mate, Chakat Tealeaf.

Bluestripe is of average height but fairly muscular - typical active chakat in good health. Hir white fur has black patches that resemble a common cow's hide and has been the source of too many cow jokes. Hir hair is silver white, usually shoulder length. Hir body has numerous visible scars and a slightly shorter tail due to injuries received in the line of duty. Average size breasts. Shi usually doesn't wear clothes, unless pockets or packs are needed. Wears a blouse when going to public centers or shopping. Sometimes wears a necklace around hir midsection, above hir forepaws. Shi is well balanced sexually, and shi's silly, fun, adventurous, and tries not to take life too seriously anymore.


Character copyright Bluestripe.
Art copyright © Longtail and Bernard Doove

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