Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Nightsliver
Sire: Aurora
Born: 24 October 2301
Height: 157cm (5' 2")
Eyes: Dark Gold


Late Bloomer got hir name from being born two days later than shi was due. Shi is a Chakat serving as an Academy instructor on Earth, living with hir mate and two children. Shi's a protector, one who rises to the challenge, and one of the most reliable friends one could have.

After Star Fleet Academy, shi served on a couple of different starships as first a security officer and eventually as a team leader for a special forces unit called a Rapid Response Team. After a tour of duty in that profession, shi was offered a chance to teach special weapons and tactics classes at the Academy on Earth, an offer shi took with gusto because it allowed hir to be planetside with hir family. It remains a possibility that shi may be reassigned to space duty, but for the time being, shi teaches at the Academy.

Late Bloomer’s first denmate was a rare female cat morph with functional feathered wings named Shimeru (rescued as a cub from a Non-Aligned World, but she doesn’t know which one). They met in grade school when the two, being the only ones their age at that school, were being picked on (the kids wanted Shimeru to fly them around and Late Bloomer to let them ride hir like a horse). A friendship of convenience soon led to a genuine love and respect for each other. The only reason they’re not lifemates right now is because Shimeru remained in the off-planet portion of the service when Bloomer left (half of her purpose in joining in the first place was to find her home planet).

Bloomer currently lives with hir other denmate, a chakat named White Ash. They met in a bar (the “Best Drink Bar None” establishment) where White Ash was nursing a drink, sullen from a broken relationship with a human male named Mark Terrell who had liked hir, but was weak-willed and eventually torn away by his bigoted family (eventually Bloomer came to learn that he died as the pawn in an H1 terrorist activity, although shi hasn’t said anything to Ash yet). Since White Ash’s nearest family was only hir sire (hir mother having passed on due to a rare illness) and hir sire lived on the other side of the planet (Ash had moved during hir relationship with Mark and when it ended, shi had very little means of hir own and so wasn’t able to go home or even phone home), shi was sorely deprived of someone to talk to. It was Bloomer who got Ash out of hir rut and gave hir a better lifestyle. Eventually, the two declared themselves denmates and had children. Today, White Ash works with a replicator-technology firm, improving housewares.

Late Bloomer also maintains a number of work-related friendships, most especially maintaining a regular line of communication with the members of her Rapid Response Team who are still serving abroad.

The oldest child of Late Bloomer and White Ash (Ash serving as the mother) is Sunflower (so named because one of the guests at their birthing ceremony had a sunflower-themed hat that the newborn cub just could not get enough of). Flower is ten years old, bright and energetic, which results in good grades, but unfortunately also results in hir being very dangerous when shi’s bored and starts making with the pranks (the AI for their house hasn’t recovered yet). They also have a second child (Bloomer being the mother this time) by the name of Cinderfoot (so named for the markings of hir hands and paws as well as a funny dancing motion shi does). Cinder is nearly eighteen months old but is big for hir age (partly due to Bloomer realizing for the first time how much shi really like breast-feeding).

Late Bloomer's upper torso is lean, short, well-built, but hir lower torso is kind of stocky. Hir fur is a grayish-blue color along the entirety of the coat broken at the hands, handpaws, hindfeet, the last half of hir tail, face, belly and underbelly by a lighter grayish-blue color. Hir hair is a burnt sienna-ish color with long bangs sticking out over and in front of hir face with a long ponytail reaching down to the small of hir back. Shi has fairly large breasts (not quite cantaloupes) and a slightly smaller than average penis. Being biased towards hir male side, Late Bloomer’s typical choice of dress is nothing more than a small top for modesty (usually just a bra). Shi’s just as likely to go around completely nude. Shi also has the array of clothes and uniforms appropriate to hir military occupation. Finally, for more fancy occasions, shi favors sleeveless “taur dresses” in varying styles.

Late Bloomer is masculine-biased, protective and caring. Shi’s the sort of person to take up another’s cause after only a few minutes of conversation with them. Unfortunately, shi has no memory for names in groups, so shi becomes friends with someone the easiest when it’s a one-on-one introduction. Bloomer still tries, as shi strongly believes that a person is improved through testing themselves. For this reason, shi also maintains a number of hobbies, including dancing (which shi’s good at), singing (due to hir chakat dual sets of lungs, shi has volume but not much else; no Australia Idol for hir), and rock climbing. In fact, the only thing shi’s ever let hirself give up on is horse-riding (which shi only started as a whim anyway). Shi also has a bit of a temper (due to hir Chakamil heritage - a great-grandparent), but aside from two unfortunate incidents as a child (thankfully, no deaths either time), Bloomer has managed to keep hirself in check. This led to hir being quite reserved for much of hir adolescent years (Shimeru (see below) being one of hir rare friends), a state that shi’s left behind now, but is always at the back of hir mind. Often called just Bloomer, shi also has the nickname “Bulma” which really irritates hir.


Art & characters copyright © Tectorman.

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