Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Brighteyes
Sire: Crossfire
Born: 20 August 2307
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Eyes: Hazel brown


Blacktongue was born to Chakat Brighteyes and Chakat Crossfire during a visit to San Francisco, GNA, Terra, August 20, 2307. After hir birth, the two decided to settle down in Melbourne, Australia. There, they made their home and living. During the next few years, Blacktongue's parents did their best to make sure that shi was safe from the events that happened, raising hir the best way they could. As shi grew older, their efforts were paying off. Shi was playing well with others, generally being a normal cub. Hir parents held hir Coming-of-Age party on hir 15th birthday (2322). It was then that shi decided to keep hir cub name.

It was during hir teen years where things began to go awry. Shi began showing signs of preference to monogamy rather than the typical polygamous relationships of chakats. This wasn't much of an issue at first, but as time grew on, shi grew more attached to hir chakat lover, Duskchaser who began feeling too smothered, too soon. After a few arguments about an open relationship, the two split rather violently, leaving Black feeling very distraught and confused. Soon after this, shi turned to her morph friends, looking for comfort. They helped hir, trying to help her sort things out. Unfortunately, two days before hir 18th birthday (2325), things got worse as reports of a Personal Transport Vehicle collided with a gas tanker in San Francisco. The sole person in that PTV was Duskchaser. Devastated upon hearing this over the news, shi broke down. Their arguments flooded back to hir, causing hir to blame hirself. Shortly after that, shi nearly went catatonic with grief. It took hir close to two weeks to even function close to normal.

It was during this time that shi meet Chakat Frostpatch, a calico-patterned chakat with frost-colored patches of fur (calico & snow-leopard mix). Black was very hostile towards hir in the beginning – shi wanted nothing to do with Frost. Shi just wanted to live hir life alone. Little did shi know of Frostpatch's equally dark past. On hir 20th birthday (2327), Black was confronted by Frost, who spilled hir whole heart out to Blacktongue. Black, still not ready for a relationship, told hir as kindly as shi possibly could that fact. Shi also told hir that if shi still loved hir in twelve years, to contact hir. Frost questioned hir about the twelve years. Why wait that long? Black told hir why. Two reasons. 1) Shi had plans to travel the stars, taking pictures, and someday see Charnosa, hir parent's home planet. 2) If Frost really loved hir, shi should still love hir in twelve years. After a lot of begging, flirting, and tears, Frost finally got Black to make love to hir. After their long session, Black agreed to stay in contact with hir. Feeling fulfilled with a promise of love, Black asked Frost about hir opinion on polygamy and monogamy. Shi told hir that shi preferred polygamy because it allow hir to have a full and meaningful life with others that shi loved. They talked it over and Black finally accepted the normal chakat views. As long as no one got left out too often. Frost lovingly agreed. A month after that, Black left Terra to pursue hir chosen path.

Thus began the next twelve years of Blacktongue's life (2327-2339). Shi explored the stars, taking on this job and that, staying alive. Shi had bad luck on one job, ended up on a Federation Cruise ship (2332), met a fox named Travis Brownears, an engineer on board the ship. They met, had dinner, and as the years grew on, they fell in love, got denmated, then lifemated (2334). Soon, they headed back to Terra to find Frost (2335). Shi found them, Black introduced Frost to Travis, they talked, then Black and Frost fell back in love, dated a year (2336), got denmated, and two years later got lifemated. They moved into a home in Melbourne. The present date is now February 15, 2339.

Blacktongue is very humble. Shi tends to make friends rather easily and proves to be very bubbly when around hir friends. Shi is insecure about some of hir 'quirks' but is learning to use them as her best 'features'. Shi is very analytical about things and tends to over-think things. Shi has been described as a great friend, a caring listener, sometimes a wonderful mentor as well as a great student. Shi tends to attract the weird, strange, and misunderstood, which is fine by hir, so long as they aren't too psychotic. She loves cuddling and PDA. There is, however, a dark side beneath hir happy appearance. Shi tends to get paranoid at times when a few things start patterning out like a past relationship. That and shi has never fully recovered from the tragic events that unfolded that led to hir former lover's death.

Medium tan base fur, light brown muzzle markings along length of muzzle. Shi has three black and gray 'tail rings' which are about 3" wide each and a 4" dark black tail "tip". The back of hir ears are black with a red tinting, while the insides of them are a creamy white. Shi also has a soft white patch that runs from hir neck, the very insides of hir breast, down hir upper, middle, and lower torsos, stopping just before hir sheath, and continues down the insides of hir hind legs. All exposed flesh (lips, tongue, nipples, nose, paw-pads, vulva) is charcoal black in colour. Shi has a very strong and muscular build on a wiry frame. Shi has 36C breasts and a short but thick cock. Like most chakats, shi prefers no clothing, but shi normally wears a simple black halter. Shi almost always wears a collar – single black leather strap with a black nickle plated double locking buckle( two prongs vs. one), and one D-ring hook up in front.

Likes: Cuddles, tacos, PDA, Snuggling, Sex, Males, females, caffeine, computers, drawing.
Dislikes: Rudeness, drunks, stalkers, overly confident people, overly clingy people, silence, being alone.
Fetishes: Breast, feet, tails, biting, collars, being bitten, sheathes, anal.
Mental Abilities/ Powers: Shi is an official Level 3.5 Empath and an Untrained Level 2 Telekinetic.


Character copyright to James Burden.

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