Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Bigpaw
Sire: Tamas Nighthunter
Height: 165cm (5' 5")
Eyes: Green
Age: 31


Blacktail is the child of a chakat mother (Bigpaw) and a foxtaur sire (Tamas Nighthunter). Born in Germany in a small foxtaur community as the youngest of three children. Shi is cheerful but a little bit shy around new persons. Shi learned early in hir life how to repair things and loves every minute of it. At 13, shi got the chance to be part of a school exchange program which sent hir to Melbourne. Shi learned a lot of this there and decided that when shi turned of age to move there. At first shi didnīt have much luck at finding a job and barely got by. Hir last hope was a newspaper advertisement asking for a new Janitor at the Double H Club. When shi had hir interview with the Club manager, shi impressed hir with the handiwork and persistence shi showed to get the job. In the end shi got the job and worked hir way up and is now the Master Janitor and fix-it person who lets the business run smoothly. Most people always wonder if shi actually is working because most don’t see her doing anything. Shi likes to help people and is often seen when shi cheers people up. Hir mother is a nurse and hir father works as a blacksmith in the Redhair community. Hir sisters are Spotchaser and Nightingale. Spotchaser is a helmsman in Star Fleet and Nightingale a professional musician.

As a side hobby, shi has an old Walkman with old cassettes which shi treasures. Shi found it as a child and fixed it up. Over different auctions shi got the cassettes (not cheap). It piqued hir interest in old 20th Century music and shi likes to listen to it after closing hours when shi makes sure everything is okay.

Blacktail's build is a little on the slim side. Hir fur is reddish-orange with black tiger stripes, and hir tail is all black. Shi likes to dye hir shoulder-length hair in striking colours (green at the moment). Shi has average size breasts for a chakat. Shi likes to wear fancy vests with lots of pockets filled with small tools and useful items for fixing things fast, or at least a belt with pouches. Shi likes tail-ribbons of all kinds and shi has a nice little collection of them. Shi is bisexual with a small leaning to hir feminine side. At the moment shi has no mate but is seeking one.


Character © Tobias Braun.

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