Species: Chakat (Cheetah variant)
Gender: Herm
Age: 26 (estimated)
Eyes: Golden Brown
Height: 170cm (5' 7")


Blackstripe was raised by San Bushman who came across the young cub and hir deceased parent deep in the Kalahari while on a hunting trip. The cub was raised to the best of their ability and was named “Blackstripe” for hir markings. Living among the group shi became an adept hunter, gatherer and storyteller, and often gave away and traded much of hir gatherings to the others in hir village.

Once shi was older, shi began to properly question hir origins and desired to learn more. One of the oldest members of the village taught hir basic Afrikaans and what little world knowledge he had from beyond the Kalahari. Armed with only that knowledge, shi set off to see the world.

Shi travelled and worked doing odd jobs in small townships as shi went, saving as shi went, until shi reached Johannesburg, and while greatly overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city towering above hir, the cars and even all the various species of morphs, shi pressed on. Reaching hir destination, the airport, she booked the next flight to Australia. Shi had learnt on hir travels that hir species had been created there and desired to see the place of hir species creation. While waiting for hir flight to leave however, the stress and anxiety nearly tipped hir into a total feral meltdown, but thanks to a chakat waiting to catch the same flight, shi was able to pull hirself back together thanks to the chakat and hir empathic Talent.

The chakat introduced hirself as Whiterose, and offered hir a place to stay in Australia, which shi gladly accepted, having no plans once shi landed, so having a roof over hir head was always a good start. Learning about Whiterose's occupation in the Star Corps, the two Chakats quickly became firm friends, and then Companions.

At present Blackstripe has only been in Australia for a short time, and is currently adjusting to life outside of the Kalahari and Africa, with Whiterose showing hir the sights around Melbourne. Shi is loving every moment of it.

Blackstripe has a King Cheetah patterned pelt. Shi has only a small tuft of spiky black mane instead of human-like hair. Very lean, and lanky, with only small B-cup breasts as shi's built for speed. Unlike normal chakats, shi does not have handpaws. Shi is very much like an actual cheetah and can be incredibly fast when needed. For the most part prefers to go hir own pace and enjoy life, saving hir speed and agility for when it's needed. Occasionally wears gold bangles on hir handpaws, preferring native African style jewellery. Often prefers simplistic but nice - natural materials, never plastic beads, always wood, seed or bone. Shi prefers minimal clothing. Even for formal occasions, shi may wear a simple wrap around hir breasts and a necklace and bracelets and nothing else. Mostly due to being unused to needing to wear clothing, although shi does rug up a lot in winter, being used to Africa and having a far thinner pelt from being a Cheetah Chakat, shi is unused to Australian winters and feels the cold easily. Very quiet in crowds, especially morphs, though when around someone shi is comfortable with, shi is able to cope fairly well and become quite sociable quite quickly. Can be passionate and happy to talk to others about Africa, wildlife and hir background.

Shi has no knowledge of hir parents, although they are assumed to be both Cheetah Chakats. Whiterose is in the process of finding information on any Chakats that lived in Africa around the estimated time of Blackstripes birth. Currently unemployed, previously hunter in a small San Bushman group in the Kalahari where shi grew up. Whiterose in the process of looking for work that would suit hir in Star Corps.

Never uses shortened versions of words (“I'm” is always “I am”, “Isn't” always is “Is not” for example) because shi is still learning English and often has trouble understanding slang and shortened words. As a result shi speaks very proper English, though with an African accent. English is hir 3rd language, Afrikaans and is hir 2nd, and Taa, the Click language of the San, is hir 1st.

Shi has a very low talent of only E1 and can only really use hir talent when really focusing. Though in large groups feeling very similar emotions, shi has little trouble picking up emotions. Thought to be due to getting little Chakat milk when a cub, and not enough for long enough when developing. Also as a result doesn't require the company of Chakats for hir health, though it is still preferred and has a lower libido than most Chakats.

Very curious and can be quiet around other morphs. Due to living in the Kalahari with only humans shi had no idea how many other species there are. While travelling shi met a few other species, but not a very wide variety. Now that shi is in Australia shi is seeing new species all the time.


Character and art by and copyright to Arinaca.

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