Species: Raccoontaur
Gender: Herm
Age: 43
Height: 190cm (6' 3")
Eyes: Red


Born to raccoontaur parents, shi led a normal rather uninteresting life until the age of fifteen, when shi stumbled across a child with Downs Syndrome, covered in bruises and nursing a broken arm. The young human girl had run away from her abusive parents and become lost. She told Blackheart that her name was Maryann. Blackheart took pity on the girl and brought her back to hir house, where hir parents took hir to the hospital. In the morning, blackheart and hir parents took the young girl to the police station, where they reported Maryann's parents for child abuse. From that day forward, Blackheart has worked to prevent that happening to any one ever again.

Blackheart is a bit on the pudgy side, and hir typical raccoon fur pattern includes a large heart-shaped patch of black fur that covers hir upper torso from shoulders to waist. Shi has no human-type hair. Hir bust is a solid 34DD and shi has a 10" penis. Shi is also feminine biased and, like hir mate, has a tickling fetish, but prefers to be the one getting tickled. Shi is extremely ticklish, especally around the base of hir tail. Shi does not think of hirself as pudgy, but horizontally gifted. At home, shi usually goes around naked, but if it is necessary to wear clothes, shi usually wears a black bikini top. At work, shi usually wears a tank top of some sort. Shi can usually be seen wearing a pair of heavy platinum bracelets, one on each wrist.

Shi is a bit of a hippie at heart. While against violence, shi also believes that if someone is trying to injure you, you have the right to use force, and is not above getting violent if shi believes it is necessary, although it is an absolute last resort for hir. Shi is a social worker with a soft spot for special needs children. Shi is currently mated to Ambereyes, another raccoontaur, but has hir eye on the new school librarian, a squirrel/badger mix named Jonathan, at the school where shi works. Shi has two children, a fennec foxtaur that shi and hir mate adopted, and a raccontaur named Halfmask that Ambereyes bore.


Character copyright © Jonathan Gilley.

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