Species: Shetland Ponytaur
Gender: Herm
Mother: Barbara (fem)
Sire: Gregori (herm)
Age: 37
Height: 135cm (4' 5")
Eyes: Amber


Benny can be easily mistaken for a Quange shrunken down to a comparitively minute size. Although based on a shetland pony phenotype, hir legs are a little longer (compared to hir size) than most natural shetlands have, but both hir mane and tail are thick, hir mane kept close-cropped and swept back in as sleek a style as shi can manage, hir tail long but well groomed. Shi is solid black from nose to tail save hir eyes, which are an intense orangey amber, and even in this day and age of corrective surgeries, shi wears a pair of gold wire-rimmed glasses. Hir voice is rough and gravelly, thanks to a mis-healed injury to her throat when shi was a filly.

Shi is well educated and fond of archaeology, and currently teaches a class on ancient civilizations at a local college. Shi claims shi visits the Herm Haven primarily for socialization, but spends most of hir time there acting as counsellor and listening ear to those who need it, which sometimes stands at odds with hir personality.

In another life, Benny could have been a hellfire and brimstone bible-thumping preacher. As it is shi is fiery tempered and stubborn, having little issue with starting - or settling! - issues with people shi believes firmly need to be 'put in their place'. Shi has no real racial or gender biases when dealing with others, which startles some when they find out how strongly religious shi is. Shi takes acute pleasure in finding people who mock Christians for being 'backwards bigots' and pointing out from the Good Book itself what Jesus taught, of acceptance, love and understanding. Shi professes hir methods are simply a slightly tougher love than most people think of. To those shi feels needs 'a swift kick', shi is aggressive and challenging, but when shi finds someone who genuinely needs help and counsel, shi gentles surprisingly quickly, treating those people in a fashion one might call maternal. Hir tendency to turn hir temper only on those who deserve it is one of hir saving graces. Although devoutly Christian, shi belongs to no particular church.

Shi strongly prefers hir masculine side in sexual situations, though these are infrequent. Shi is very selective in who she chooses to have relationships with, and does not participate in casual sex without good reasons beyond the lusts of the moment. When others point out that the bible considers extramarital sex a sin, hir usual response is to shrug and point out that Jesus said to 'love thy neighbor', and that's what shi's doing.

Benny likes colors that contrast sharply against hir fur, and as such tends towards wearing whites, bold reds and blues. Shi wears clothing as a habit, usually enough to nearly cover hir from throat to hoof to keep the hot sun off hir black hide, but when the weather's more bearable, shi'll happily settle for vests or comfortable shirts. Although shi only has A-cup breasts, shi does not go barechested in public, and tends towards conservative.


Character copyright © Amateria.

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