Species: Chakat (x Skunktaur)
Gender: Herm
Mother: Riverstone (chakat)
Sire: Keseron (Skunktaur)
Age: 26
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Eyes: One blue, one grey


Azure’s shyness comes from many years of living with just hir parents and sister for company. Hir sire moved the family around a lot (none of them is quite sure why he did so). Human children were not so keen to socialize with the Chakat family that had come to live among them, and were more likely to tease hir about her coloring than be friendly.

Azure's hunger for knowledge took her all over Earth learning the applications of Ancient Chinese medicine, accupunture and ch'i as well as massage therapy. This study has led her to be remarkably balanced in her male/female roles. Shi finally settled in Australia to be in the center of a community that perhaps wouldn't look down upon hir. Shi remains a little bit shy still.

Hir spare time is spent in a plethora of unfinished art projects, that decorate hir workroom and hir body. The particular favorite is a trade known as beadweaving of which shi is particularly adept. Most often found in the company of a book and a cup of chai tea. Shy at first, shi makes for a colorful companion.

Azure's fur goes from the stark black, through shimmery grey to purest white. There's a single black stripe along hir back with a smattering of jaguarlike spots on either side of the stripe. Hir most striking feature is the icy blue color of hir tail tip, socks, handpaws and ears. Shi also has the redpaw mark on hir breast and a moderate telepathic ability inherited from hir sire. Azure tends to dress in blues, silvers and blacks to accent hir coloration. Shi likes to make clothing out of the fabric that humans call a Sari, beautiful and elegantly adapted to taurforms. Shi often wears hir own handmade jewelry. This changes daily but always consists of a tail cuff, a bracelet and earrings.

Azure's mother is a typical chakat named Riverstone, but hir sire was a skunktaur of House Redpaw named Keseron. Shi was born as a normal chakat however, and shi has 38D breasts and a 9" cock. Shi also has a single sister named Rainshower.


Character copyright © Diane Dover.

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