Species: chakat (formerly human)
Gender: Herm (formerly male)
Height: 175cm (5'9")
Weight: 170kg (375lb)
Born: 9 October 2321


A former human native to Terra. Born in 2321, Avo was an ambitious young man who wanted to see the world and eventually ultimately space as a Star Fleet officer. During his college years, he has decided to move to Chakona to seek a new life and undergo the Oceanwalker Process to become a chakat.

During his journey to how he became his new self, he met and brought some friends along the way. He eventually encountered Oceanwalker and underwent the process after the preliminary checkups.

After finishing hir studies at Dewclaw University, shi got accepted into Star Fleet Academy to become a life-science officer, surveying uncharted planets and onboard Federation vessels.

Hir hobbies while off-duty are hir old time favorites when shi was a human male was and still is taking still photos of nature, writing, socializing with individuals and exploring the wilderness. Shi is quite friendly and shi posses a telekinesis talent of T5 along with an empathy of E4. Shi is currently unmated but open for new acquaintances. As of now, shi lives in Amistad not too far from the Catís Eye Pub and is a member of the Longfall clan when shi joined at age 32.


Sample art 1 by and copyright to Kacey Miyagami.
Sample art 2 by and copyright to Seth Triggs.

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