Species: Tiger/Calico Cat
Gender: Herm
Birthday: 17 January 2306
Mother: Basete (female cat)
Sire: Acele Huntress (herm tiger)
Height: 178cm (5' 10")
Eyes: Hazel


Assiti's looks are an interesting blend of hir tiger sire's and hir calico cat mother's. Hir medium-build plantigrade body is covered with orange fur with black stripes, however the black stripes seem to meld into the orange rather well. Shi has shoulder-length hair that is blonde white and black. Shi has 32C breasts upon which rests a pendant necklace of a running tiger that shi wears as a good luck charm. Hir clothing is either sexy or casual, depending on what shi is doing at the time, although shi also has a uniform that shi wears for hir job as a waitress/bartender at the Double Date nightclub and café.

Assiti has a good sense of humor, somewhat easy to get along with at times. Shi has been responsible for introducing many herms to the Double H Club which doesn't advertise except by word of mouth. Shi also has brought couples together, including herms to non-herms.


Character copyright © Trever.

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