Species: Jaguar
Gender: Herm
Mother: Theresa Sohma
Father: Guillermo Sohma
Birthday: 13 September 2303
Eyes: Violet


Aritea is the eldest of three surviving children, originally living in South America. Hir family lived on the coast near Rio de Janeiro, where hir father was descended of a line of fishermen. Fifteen years ago, hir parents and two older brothers were lost at sea during a storm. Neither they nor their boat were ever seen again. At only thirteen years old, it was very hard for Aritea to provide for hir younger brother and sisters (shi is the only herm of the six children hir parents had), until a roughneck from a local gang caught hir trying to steal. Shi put up one hell of a fight trying (unsuccessfully) to escape, which is probably what made the leader make hir an offer once shi was brought to him. His gang would help hir provide for hir siblings, and in exchange shi would be a runner for him before becoming a prize fighter once his friend on the circuit decided shi was ready.

Aritea didn't like working with the gang, but it kept hir siblings fed and sheltered. After shi began winning fights, shi was even able to get them into school. Shi was decided ready to be the gang's new prize fighter shortly after shi turned fifteen, and though shi lost regularly at first, shi soon became a regular name on the circuit as hir size and strength increased. Shi almost seemed to know what hir opponents were going to do before they did. Unfortunately, that wasn't completely conjecture. When Aritea was twenty-three, the sponsor of a rival prize fighter hired a telepath to probe hir during the middle of a fight. As it turned out, shi is a strong T1, but hir Talent seems restricted almost entirely to predicting the intentions of other fighters. Shi has no idea how to use it, it is instinctual. The backlash from this information becoming known was too dangerous. Aritea had long since repaid hir gang for their help making sure that shi could support hir siblings, and after leaving hir former boss a message and a final payment, shi collected hir siblings and what they considered important possessions that could fit in hir car, and got on the next flight out of the area.

With the H1 movement gaining strength in the GNA, shi decided to move hir family to Australia. Originally they moved to Brisbane, but have since moved to Melbourne where shi used the last of hir money from home to purchase a home and the lot next to it. The location chosen was near the freeway so that Ari could open a mechanic's shop next to hir home. Hir sisters are finishing high school this year, while shi is helping support hir little brother getting into university. Aritea is still looking to be a professional fighter, but it is much more heavily regulated in Australia than it was in South America. Shi enjoys sparring, preferring hand to hand over use of weapons, but shi is also an expert with a knife or baton. Shi has devoted a good chunk of hir free time to learning as many martial arts styles as shi can, whether contemporary or ancient.

Aritea is a very aggressive person, preferring to tackle problems head-on. Shi is stubborn, infuriatingly so at times, and absolutely refuses to back down from a challenge. All that said, Ari is warm-hearted and tries to look out for the best interests of hir friends. In a normal situation, shi is friendly and outgoing and is quite comfortable with being affectionate. Shi prefers to greet people with a hug, similar to the way chakats greet each other.

Aritea has the typical jaguar patterning, though shi has spots on hir belly and breasts as well as hir sides and back. For the most part, hir fur is a reddish-gold, almost bronze, color, which shades into a creamy beige on hir throat, breasts, belly, and down hir inner thighs to hir knees. The most distinguishing mark in hir fur is normally under clothing, that being a set of spots over hir left shoulder blade on hir back that are close enough together to almost resemble an outlined lightning-bolt. Ari's dark brown hair is very straight, and shi keeps it fairly short, but otherwise likes to keep it standing upwards. The look this gives hir often makes people mistake it for the high and tight style favored by many military folks. Ari prefers to wear tee shirts and jeans, or if shi's in hir shop, shi is usually to be found under a broken-down PTV wearing a grease and oil-stained tank-top and old but well maintained jeans. Though shi doesn't often wear footwear, shi does wear specially made boots in hir shop due to stepping on a nail or sharp bit of metal bare-foot one too many times. If the occasion is more formal, Aritea will put on a blouse and slacks. Many of hir clothes are purple, as that is hir favorite color. Shi doesn't wear jewelry beyond a watch/communicator on hir left wrist. Aritea is not extremely muscular. While shi is very strong, hir muscles are dense and wiry. Shi has good muscle definition, but it isn't very visible through hir fur since hir muscles are not the bulky mass you see in body-builders. Shi has a strong masculine bias in hir appearance, way of speech, and demeanor, but is closer to even keel in hir sexuality. Ideally, shi would like to either find a herm partner, or both a male and a female. However, hir very direct way of doing things can be intimidating and shi has difficulty relaxing enough to seem less so. Though not inexperienced sexually, Aritea has not had as much as shi might have liked. The only thing on that that shi has learned for certain is that shi has a strong kink (though not fetish level) for anal sex. Although hir breasts were a C-cup, constant working-out and training have caused them to shrink to a moderate B-cup. Hir sheathed penis is slightly shorter but thicker than average.

Child of Guillermo Sohma and Theresa Sohma, both single sexed with the herm recessive gene. Of their six children, however, Aritea is the only one that is a herm. Hir two older siblings were both brothers and shi has a younger brother and two younger sisters. Aritea only recently learned of the Double H from a herm customer despite having lived in Melbourne for the last five years. Shi has been too busy getting hir younger siblings through school and trying to get back into the fighting circuit to have as much free time as shi would like.


Character created by Daniel Williams.

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