Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Mother: Streamrunner
Sire: Snowstalker
Height: 172cm (5' 8")
Eyes: Turquoise
Age: 32


Aneko is a snow leopard patterned chakat, except along hir chest and down to hir belly, which is a solid grey. Hir tail is grey with black rings and a black tip on the end. Hir silver hair is shoulder length. Shi prefers to wear black halters over hir 39D breasts, and has a silver wedding band on hir left hand, a metal bracelet with intricate engravings on hir right wrist, and a large metal ring around hir right foreleg.

Personality: Normally engaging and friendly, Aneko has become a bit more subdued since the death of hir lifemate. It's not so much a depression, but shi has become acutely aware of how precious a gift life is. This gives hir a certain calmness and softness to hir voice. She often carries around a pocket recorder in order to better keep track of the "small miracles" she encounters every day.

Aneko is a freelance industrial illustrator, creating concept art and design iterations of hir clients' products that can then be used in presentations and advertisements. Not limiting hirself to any one industry, shi has experience drawing many different products, from vehicles to appliances, keyboards to communicator earpieces.

Shi is the daughter of chakats Streamrunner and Snowstalker who live together on a Federation colony, operating a small bed and breakfast. Hir lifemate was Nightstar, Daughter of Clearsky and Windtalker. Shi was a Star Fleet Liuetennant, and was killed in service aboard experimental shuttle craft USS Star Talon (see New Beginnings) two years ago. About a year before hir death though, shi sired a child with Aneko and they named hir Sable. Aneko is very attached and protective of hir daughter. Shi has been considering moving from Earth to Chakona or rejoining hir parents in order to distance hir small family from the increasing Humans First activity.


Character copyright Brian Golden.   Art copyright © Skotti Kimble a.k.a. Jaggyd.

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