Species: Arctic Wolf
Gender: Herm
Height: 170cm (5' 7")
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue


Anastasia always keeps hir fur well groomed making sure to look hir best. Shi doesn't use jewelry or items of such because shi prefers to rely on hir natural looks to gain attention. Shi absolutely adores cubs and longs to have some of hir own when shi finds the right person to have them with. Shi's very friendly and outgoing although guarded around anyone shi gets a bad vibe from. Shi was engaged once, but is currently single.

Anastasia is a digitigrade Arctic Wolf whose fur is mainly white with a gray stripe down hir back, and hir hair is white with red dye streaks. Shi is fit and slim, but not too skinny. Shi prefers wearing tight-fitting tops and pants. Shi has a E-cup bust and a sheathed penis that is 8.5" long. Shi is totally bisexual.


Character copyright © David Gillip.

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