Species: Raccoontaur
Gender: Herm
Height: 153cm (5 feet)
Age: 48
Eyes: Ice Blue


Ambereyes got hir name from the amber-coloured "mask" that surrounds hir eyes. Shi is short and a little bit pudgy. Hir coat pattern is typical raccoon colour except for the "mask". Shi prefers little more than a tank top when going out, and going nude at home. Shi has D-cup breasts and is strongly feminine biased despite having an impressive twelve inch penis. Shi hates violence of any kind, but if pushed far enough, shi will fight back. Ambereyes has a tickling fetish.

Shi is currently mated to another raccoontaur named Blackheart (named due to the large heart-shaped mark that covers hir upper torso from shoulders to waist). Shi has two children – a fennec foxtaur that shi and hir mate adopted, and a raccoontaur named Halfmask that Ambereyes bore.


Character copyright © Jonathan Gilley.

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