Species: Wolf morph
Gender: Herm
Age: 18
Eyes: Blue
Height: 216cm (7' 1")


Amaguq's name is Eskimo for wolf. Shi is a digitigrade black wolf morph with white patches over B-cup breasts. Very tall and very heavy muscular build, weighing 290 pounds (132kg). No hair but plenty of fur! Shi has a very keen sense of smell. Shi's a very capable empath, rating of E4. Likes to do maintenance work, but also is smart and reads history books, particularly about religions. Prefers light blue tops and blue jeans. Shy and introverted, but wants to fit in. Strongly masculine in personality and build (with an exceptionally big cock), but understands that shi's a herm and deals with hir needs.

The history of this character starts around 2100, right after the Gene Wars concluded. A human geneticist made up some wolf stock into companions to be with him and succeeding generations. This human was more into animal companionship than human companionship and lived in the wilderness of Alaska. He made up the wolves with a very high empathy rating to get along more easily with himself and other like minded humans. After a few generations his line died and the wolf morphs were freed to go their own path. Some stayed north while others traveled south to GNA and HCKNA territories. The herm gene is recessive, and so Amaguq's parents were male and female, but both were recessives, so he got the herm gene. They are not rich, being low-grade teachers, but they saved up enough money to send Amaguq to Australia, where they hope to come and join hir soon. They live in the northern California district of GNA, and they wish to escape the rising anti-fur sentiment. So at the moment, Amaguq is in Melbourne and parents are in America. Amaguq works for a place to stay at Herm Haven, doing housekeeping duties under the management of Chakat Blacktail. Shi likes helping others!


Character copyright John Scharader. Sample art by and copyright to Andifeyrtr.

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