Application form for the Double H Club

Please note that only the details requested in red are mandatory except for the reference image if you don't have one available. (You can supply one later if you like.) Please don't use other people's images without permission. All other questions are optional, but the more information that you give, the better I can place your character in the storyline. Please refer to my story, The Double H Club for a sample of the wide variety of character species and personalities.

I hope to have an automated form soon, but until then you will need to copy & paste this section into an email to send to - Subject = Herm Haven application.

Character name:  
Who gets credit for the character?  
Email address:  
Website link:  
Reference image #1 URL:  
Credit for image #1:  
Reference image #2 URL:  
Credit for image #2:  
Reference image #3 URL:  
Credit for image #3:  
Character's background information:
(Put life story here if you wish!)
Birthday or Age:   (Assume year is 2332.)  
Height: (Not counting ears.)  
Eye colour:  
Fur colour & pattern:  
Plantigrade, digitigrade, or taur?  
Clothing preferences:
Ornaments or Jewellery?  
Specific characteristics not noted above:
(build, general appearance, fetishes, etc.)
Parents: (Both herms? One male? One female? Single sex with herm recessive genes? Names?)  
Breast size:
(Cup size? Can be vague or specific.)
(Sheath? Size? Can be vague or specific.)
How much do you wish to be involved?
(Mark maximum desired.)
[ ] Member only.   [ ] Background character.   [ ] Speaking part.
[ ] Major role.   [ ] Anything goes!
Adult situations allowed? (Mark maximum)[ ] None.   [ ] Tame.   [ ] Moderate.   [ ] Strong.  
Any additional comments?
Permission:[ ] I agree to allow Bernard Doove to use my character as I have specified above.

A reminder of the rules:

This is all in context with the Chakat Universe, so the following are the limitations on what is acceptable in your characters.

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