A FOREST TALE 10 Supplementary: The Love Scene

By Bernard Doove © 1997

That evening was every bit as enjoyable as I hoped it would be. When we started our love-making, Malena put herself side-by-side with me to rub her entire body along mine. She put her arm around my shoulder and drew me into a long, ardent kiss. The thrill of the full-body contact and the intimacy of our kiss stirred my passions. My male side was dominating my needs and my longing to be one with her grew enormously. When we broke our kiss, we smiled at each other, panting a little. Then I gave her a lick-kiss on her muzzle, then worked my way down lower, washing her fur, caressing the ruff at her throat and working my way down to her lovely cleavage. At last I had the chance to get a good look at how much this gorgeous vixen had matured over the past year.

I started unfastening the halter she was wearing. Malena drew in her breath, putting more strain on the material. When the top came loose, her breasts seemed to heave my way. I put a hand on each and caressed them. Malena yipped at this and then demanded more. I was only too happy too oblige. I started washing the fur around her nipples, then my tongue found the hardening tips and I gave them a long, slow lick. I felt Malena shudder in my arms and a deep growl began in her throat. I continued my efforts, thoroughly enjoying playing with her breasts and feeling her reactions. While I did this, my hands caressed the fur on her back and sifted through her long hair. My tail was also doing its best to wrap possessively around Malena's, thus making us more fully together. Her growls grew until suddenly her whole body shook and she yipped for joy as she came to orgasm.

When it was done, she hugged me fiercely. "Chakats make such great lovers. It must be because you are half female too that you know exactly how to please one. I have had a few tods share my bed in the past year, but none compare to how wonderful you and your sister make me feel." She released me and pulled back slightly to look at me earnestly. "I can see and feel how tense you are, ready to continue making love with me. Take me now!"

She was right. As much as I had enjoyed pleasuring her, it had left my body aching for her. I had a full erection and the need to fulfill its function. She turned around and presented herself to me and, with a small growl of pleasure, I mounted her. I guided my penis to her moist vagina and then pressed within. I shuddered with enjoyment at feeling myself slide within her hot depths. At last I was one with this beautiful vixen. I leaned forward to put my arms around her upper torso, my hands finding those gorgeous breasts and caressing them. I remembered how much she enjoyed tummy rubs, so with one handpaw, I caressed the fur on her belly. I started withdrawing my cock until it was almost out again, then plunged into her again. I repeated this, my tempo increasing and my thrusts getting more forceful until I was no longer in control. My body took over as I built towards my climax. With a yowl of ecstasy, I came; my seed pumping strongly into my beautiful lover. My cries were joined by Malena's as she too came to to climax and together we shared our moments of greatest joy.

It seemed to last for ages, but eventually we came down from the heights of pleasure. We were both panting from our exertions as I slipped free from her and moved up a bit to cuddle her. When she had caught her breath a bit, Malena said to me, "I love Goldfur very much. Her visits were always the high points of the year for me, and not just for the sex either. But you and your sister are so alike in many things that I care for you a lot too. In fact, if you were to ask me to be your mate too, I would probably say yes. You have made me very happy, Forest."

"Thank you, Malena. Goldfur and I are very close, and we have many tastes in common, including foxtaurs who are beautiful in both body and soul. I wish that I had the chance to see you as often as my sister did, but I'm hoping that situation will improve now that you are hir mate. You have made this a very special night for me." I hugged her a bit possessively. "Goldfur and I share almost everything, and I know that she is happy to share your love. Welcome to our family, my gorgeous vixen!


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