Eternal Destiny
Part 2: Realization Of The Truth
By: Ryan Schlueter (a.k.a. Chakat Snowpaws)

As I mentioned earlier, destiny can be ruthless in the way it attacks every one of us. At some points it can be very forgiving, and other points it can be outright uncaring for you. During this time, I felt like I was attached to a chain that ran the length between these two sides of destiny. My feelings were mixed; I was thrown back and forth over the line as each side struggled to take control. In the end, I ended up on the not so glorious side. I was crushed by it, but yet, I saw a new chance for me to become something I would have never thought possible. As I said before, destiny can be both ruthless and forgiving.


I opened my eyes and stared at the tiled roof. It was a little strange; I seemed to be seeing everything more clearly than I ever had before. I continued to stare up at the tiles, amazed in the sheer quality of what I was seeing. Yeah, ceiling tiles can be quite fascinating. Not! I sat up and found I felt different, bigger, stronger, and heavier in the front. I looked down then groaned at the sight of my breasts. The nightmare hadnít ended; it had just begun. I yawned, exposing my much more terrifying grin to the world, then slumped back in my bed remembering the past days events. I ran my hands through my shoulder length dark brown hair and yawned again. I looked myself over and was a little shocked at what I saw; most of my body was covered in a very dark purple fur I would say a dark indigo, my belly and the insides of my legs along with my paws were white, close to a bright silver actually. I also noticed that my dark indigo fur had a slight sparkle, the effect was increased by sunlight coming in through the cracks in the window blinds in the room. The dark indigo fur on my body was lightly speckled with silver-white leopard-like spots; I didnít know it at the time, but my ears and eyes were lined with the silver-white fur too with the leopard spots, which were smaller, covering my cheeks and neck. I glanced over at the clock and found it to be mid-afternoon. I remembered the conversation I had with Saphira that morning; it was cut short when shi said shi had to go to school. I figured shi would be back in the afternoon sometime; hopefully soon. I was getting very board just lying in bed all day. There was a benefit though, I could spend most of the time sleeping and trying to figure out how to grab the TV remote off from a nearby stand with my fluffy white-tipped tail. I knew I could do it; it was just a matter of me trying to get the white leopard spotted appendage do what I wanted it to do. I guess you could say that I was taking everything pretty well; that was until I got a rude awakening later in the day.

"Good to see you are finaly up," a nurse said as she walked into the room. She was a vixen morph; her bright red fur and large tail made it easier for me to identify her species.

Well that takes care of that little question. I said to myself, feeling the presence of my male intentions taking a little control after I had taken a quick glance at the slightly open outfit of the nurse.

"Yes and no," I replied, I was a little upset that I couldnít get the TV remote off from the stand.

"Anyway, I came to tell you that some members of the Sciences Research Organization are hear to talk to you," the female said as she opened the window blinds in the room.

"I donít want to talk to them right now," I replied; at this point, only Saphira knew who I really was; any other being still thought I was Frost.

"Well, you have no choice in the matter any way," the nurse said, "Since you were in an accident involving some kind of rip thingy, SRO must know everything about it. You know them, if it has anything to with science, they must have it in their archives."

The vixen treated the SRO as if they were just a big nuisance, like they seemed to get in the way. I rolled my eyes; I should have figured that some kind of organization would get involved. I had a weird feeling that I was going to end up on some examining table at some point.

"Fine," I replied, "But if they start poking me, donít hold me accountable for what might happen."

"Like you can do anything in that bed anyway," the nurse said.

"Youíd be surprised," I said knowing that I hadnít done anything spectacular except for knocking a glass of water on the floor with my tail.

"I had a question for you," the vixen said, "Are you some kind of special chakat or something? Iíve never seen a chakat, or any other morph species for that matter, with that color of fur. I really like it though, very unique and a little mysterious."

"Iím still trying to figure that out for myself," I replied as I ran my hands through the deep purple fur on my front set of legs.

The vixen stared back at me quizzically, "Anyway, the scientists will be here in less than an hour; is there anything I can get you?"

"Iím fine," I replied, "I thinkÖ." The nurse left and closed the door to my room behind her.

"Iím fine," I said to myself, "Just need a pinch to wake up." I pinched the skin under the fur on my stomach, nothing happened. "Stupid Coke and its high caffeine content," I said, "Just a dream, play along with it, itís what you live for. Itís just a very realistic dream." My long, brown hair hung down over my face, I brushed it aside with my hand and stared down at my breasts. I looked away quickly; this was too real to be a dream. I opened my eyes and stared at the tip of my muzzle, I could feel a seemingly devious set of teeth in my mouth, and scents that my nose picked up were just too real. I never had such good smelling abilities, could hardly tell an orange from a taco salad when I was human. Now I was picking up things I never thought possible; the disinfectant, the saline drip, the eerie scent of hospital food that had drifted into the room with the vixen, I could still smell the vixenís sweet perfumes too. I looked back down at my half purple, half white fur covered breasts. They were really nice, big, ample, firm to the touch; but the fact that they were on me, changed my thoughts a little. I had my hands resting on them now and was lightly rubbing them; it was a dream, it wasnít like anyone else was going to see me doing it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling that I was giving myself; I stopped then quickly removed my hands from myself, my body had begun to respond to something I had never felt before. I glanced down to see a set of nipples, pink, hard and exposed from under the fur on my breasts. I was making myself horny! I had this weird fascination come over me, I wanted more! I leaned forward and uncovered the rest of my body; my tip was partially exposed from its sheath. I rolled over as best I could with what control I did have over my dream body then examined the other side of my nature. "I donít think I would mind this," I said to myself, "It is a little odd, but I could get used to it." A knock came from on my door, I quickly rolled back the way I was; I couldnít exactly reach the covers because they had fallen on the floor, I didnít need them anyway, I had a very soft and thick fur coat!

"Can we come in?" a female asked.

"Sure," I replied feeling much happier than what I had. I couldnít wait to have this dream again. A male wolf and a female snow leopard morph came in. They wore what looked to be Star Fleet uniforms, but I knew that wasnít the case because SRO was printed in small letters on the arms of the uniforms.

I explained to them what happened in my point of view as Ryan, not as Frost. This left the two scientists bewildered about me.

"So, you're not Frost." the wolf asked.

"No, but I guess in body I am." I replied, "Although I look nothing like this Frost you speak of."

"Well, this defiantly changes everything." the snow leopard stated, "and might explain why you had problems breathing when your mind switched bodies."

"Switched bodies?" I asked, I knew something funny had happened; but switching bodies was one of my last thoughts, I still thought this was all a dream.

"When you, as a human, jumped into the rip at the same time as Frost, something happened to cause your minds to switch bodies." the wolf said.

"Well, if that is the case, then why did I lose control of just my lungs? Why didn't my whole body shut down?" I asked.

"It might be possible that the rip only interfered with your nerve pulses going to your diaphragms. Your lower brain functions, the ones that control your body, must have been left intact and never switched." the leopard said, "This could be why the rest of your body continued to function. Are you experiencing any other problems, other than the temporary losing of breathing control?"

A doctor had entered the room and was checking on my charts, he was getting ready to give me some kind of pain relives or something with a needle. I never really liked needles; I figured the pain from it would pull me out of this strange but wonderful dream. The doctor plunged the needle into my upper arm; it stung for the whole time it was there. I didnít wake up. I was now seeing things differently, this was no dream. It was too real, there was too much detail and I had too much control over myself in this dream. It was all real. I suddenly felt like a 100 pound sand bag had been dropped on my mind as my eyes once again opened to reality.

"Well yeah!" I responded, now knowing this was no dream, "Half this body I don't know how to control; I was a male human, now I have four legs, breasts, a tail, and the ability to have cubs of my own! It would make sense for me to be having some problems!" I was panting and furious that they had no tact towards my condition. It was if they considered me to be some kind of lab rat or test monkey.

"That's enough for today!" a new being said as it walked into the room. It was some kind of skunk with four legs. I noticed the red paw mark on her right breast and realized that this was a skunktaur, not a normal taur.

"Both of you, out." hy said, the two scientists didn't move, "NOW!"

"We have every right to be here as much as you." the leopard replied, "We were here first, so back off until we are finished."

"Did you even once consider what he is feeling?" the skunktaur said.

"You are referring to hir as being male." the wolf noted.

"Because he is, or was male." the skunktaur replied, "Now get out before I have to do something drastic." The wolf and leopard left after a quick stare down. The wolf gave the skunktaur a light growl on the way out. I could feel the tension between the two of them, I had a good assumption that they did not like each other for some unknown reason.

"Thanks," I replied after the skunktaur had closed the door, "I didn't know how much longer I could hold myself back."

"Hold your self back?" the skunktaur said as hy sat down next to my bed, "Back from what?"

"Ripping their heads off!" I replied. The skunktaur seemed shocked by what I had said.

"I..." the skunktaur replied, "I was figuring that you might have had an emotional breakdown. I had heard about a human in a similar condition as you a few years back, he was very distraught about his transformation. It took him a while to get used to the dual-sexed nature of chakats. You, on the other hand, seem to be having no problem at all."

"Well, I am having problems," I replied, "Iím going to guess that when ever Iím aloud out of bed, that Iím going to have problems walking along with other small issues." Not to mention my first time of being in heat. I thought to myself, I hope that isnít for a few weeks. I had calmed down a bit and now was being more optimistic.

"Iím Zorin of House Redpaw, Child of Racalze and Gracian," Zorin said, "Your name would be?"

"Iím kind of un-sure about that," I said, "Some people have been calling me Frost, others have called me by other names. The only name which I can remember going by is Ryan."

"Well, youíre obviously not Frost," Zorin replied looking over me, "Your markings donít exactly match the former chakat."

"Are you saying that shi is dead?" I asked.

"Well, I donít know," Zorin replied, "Frost disappeared, and you appeared in hir place. This is why they call you so; but from a mental stand point, you are not Frost."

"I can testify to that," I replied.

"Can you explain to me what happened?" Zorin asked. I gladly went through the story again for hym.

"It appears to me," Zorin said after I had finished telling hym what had happened, "that, some how, you and Frost switched minds or consciences. Something in that rip, or the rip itself, caused this change and changed your fur markings to what they are now."

"It doesnít make sense to me, though," I said, "If what you said, did indeed happen, than how do I know how to control a lot of my body already. I mean, I would think that being in a completely different body, and going through such an instantaneous change, would leave me dead on the floor. How does my mind know how to control this body, to some extent, already?"

"Iím thinking that when your minds switched, if so is the case, that it is possible that the lower brain functions were left in tact. Everything that you need to control this body is already in your mind; it is only a matter of making the effort to connect your conscience to those memories," the skunktaur said, "Your mind has already made several connections to those memories, otherwise you wouldnít have such good control of most of your upper torso. There is also the possibility that none of that is true and you will have to completely re-learn everything."

"I hope that the first thing you mentioned is the case," I replied, "You mentioned that you had heard of someone in a similar position as me; I can only assume that it was some one involved with Star Corps, and an ensign."

The skunktaur looked up at me with a look of surprise on hys face, "How did you know?" hy asked.

"Long story," I replied with a grin.

"I only heard about the research involving that patient," the skunktaur replied, "By the way, is there any name that you would like me to call you by?"

"Ryan, or Spaws or Schlutes," I said with a smile, "Depends whoís talking to me. Most of my friends call me Schlutes, the more respectful ones call me by my first name, which is Ryan."

"What is Spaws then?" Zorin asked.

"My hacker alias," I replied.

"Hacker?" Zorin asked, "Iím unfamiliar with that term."

"It is basically a person who breaks into other computer systems for fun or for a reason. Many people see us as criminals, but our skills have proven useful to big businesses," I replied.

"Interesting," Zorin replied, "Is there any real motive behind this action?"

"Never really thought about it," I replied, "I guess it is mostly to see who is better than whom. I started hacking because I wanted to take down a virus scanner on my momís computer so I could gain access to the internet."

"Well, I guess I should go find a doctor to see if you can get out of this bed," Zorin said, "Canít do much while lying down."

"Do what?" I asked.

"Well, it seems to me that you are perfectly healthy. I assume that the hospital will be letting you go soon and I figured that you might want to have some control over yourself before leaving; best to take in what you can while we have the resources here to do it with."

"Resources?" I asked.

"There is exercise rooms down the hall," Zorin said, "I figured I would take you down there and get you used to walking in your new body."

No sooner had Zorin left, Saphira came in; shi was caring a saddlebag over hir back. "Feeling better?" shi asked after taking the bag off and setting it on the ground.

"Yes," I replied. Saphira took out what looked to be a laptop and handed it to me. I took it in my hands and opened it; it was a laptop.

"I was hoping that we might be able to try and open the rip again," Saphira said, "Maybe then, we might be able to figure out what happened to you."

"I would prefer to do that at a later time," I replied, "If I did succeed in opening the rip, no one is going to be around it to keep others from stumbling onto, or into it."

"I guess youíre right," Saphira said, "I guess it can wait." At that moment, Zorin and a male cheetah morph doctor walked in.

"Well, there is certainly a variety of species in the area," I said to myself.

"So, youíre wondering if shi is ready to get out of bed," the doctor said as he walked over next to my bed. He picked up my charts and looked them over. "Well, I would say it is fine if you want to," the doctor finally said.

"Thatís it?" I asked, "You just look over my charts, say a few mumblings, and decided that I can get out of bed after losing the ability to breathe."

"Well, it looks like you can breathe fine," the doctor said, "And seeing that it was the only thing listed on your chart, I figure that you are perfectly fine."

After the rails of the bed had been folded down, I was getting off the bed and seeing how well I was able to control myself. I easily got up on all four of my legs and was able to stand still; it was when I took a step that things went wrong. I walked forward, forgetting about my hind legs, and wound up dragging my back on the floor. I stopped when I realized I was dragging my own rear end on the ground. I turned to see the others trying to hold back laughs.

"Oh, go ahead," I said a little embarrassed about what had happened, "You know you want too." A light chuckle came from Saphira, but shi quickly came to my help.


I helped Ryan walk and we went down the hall to a rehabilitation area. It wasnít long before he was walking around on his own. He still had some problems; every once and a while he wouldnít time his steps properly and he would slip. As Zorin had mentioned to me, it seemed that part of knowing how to walk and perform other basic tasks was still present in his mind, like they had never left. Ryan was just having problems, Zorin said, turning on the right switches in his mind to get to the information.

"You know" Ryan said after walking up to me, "I just realized something. What are we going to tell Frostís parents when they come looking for hir and find me?"

"It was indirectly taken care of," Zorin said with a depressed look on hys face, "Frostís parents were killed in a Humans First Riot two years ago." I felt Ryanís feelings grow a little dark.

"You donít exactly look like Frost anymore too," I said, "You definitely have a different fur color than Frost."

"I was wondering about that myself," Ryan replied, "How did I end up with this deep indigo colored fur?"

"I wouldnít know," Zorin replied, "Chakats are known for their extremely large diversity in fur colorings, but never have I seen a color like yours. It may be some kind of weird side affect caused by the rip that you and Frost went through."

"It is kind of neat thought," Ryan said, "I like the leopard spots a lot."

"So do I," I said quietly to myself.

Ryanís ears perked up, "What was that?"

"Nothing," I replied. Ryan and I stared at each other, he didnít say anything.

"On a different note," I said changing the subject, "Once he is released, where is he going to go?"

"That is true," Zorin said, "According to records, Frost lived with hir motherís sister. I donít think it would be a good idea to continue doing so."

I thought things over in my mind quickly, there was plenty of room in my room for him to stay at my house. The only problem I saw was getting him up and down the stairs; and my parents. Maybe I could use this to my advantage, I thought to myself. The only reason I was still living with my parents was because they thought I wasnít able to take care of myself; which was really annoying; they acted as if I was still a young cub sometimes. Maybe, with Ryanís help, I could convince my parents I was ready to move out on my own. This was no devious plot, by the way; when I had first met Ryan on the video screen I felt something towards him. Now that he was a chakat, that urge had grown; especially with the very beautiful coat he now possessed. Maybe Iím just imagining things. Maybe Iím not.


"He could stay at my house!" Saphira said suddenly after a long pause of silence. I looked at hir; shi only glanced at me before returning hir attention to Zorin.

"Thereís plenty of room in my room," Saphira said, "Iíll just have to show him how to get up the stairs. I donít think my parents would mind either; they like the occasional company." I guess I got my first real treat to a chakats empathic ability then. I was feelings hundreds of mixed up emotions pouring from Saphira, I couldnít make anything out of them; of course, being this was the first time I was really dealing with them, I had no idea how to anyway.

Two days later-

"I donít feel comfortable about the idea," Treeclaw replied. I had called my mom, Treeclaw, and was asking hir about Ryan staying at our den.

"He is completely harmless," I said, "Just because he used to be human, doesnít mean that he has the same attitudes about morph species that many other humans have. I think he actually likes being here, and quite possibly, likes his new body."

"It seems weird to me," Treeclaw responded, "This could all be some kind of conspiracy against morphs."

"He has nothing against us," I said trying desperately to convince my mom to let Ryan stay with us.

"I justÖ." Treeclaw replied.

"Why donít you come meet him for yourself?" I asked, "He wont be released from the hospital for another two days. I would just like you to meet him before you absolutely say no."

"I guess I can stop by," my mom finally said, "But Iím making no promises either way. Iíll be by in a few hours; I have to run up there to pick up some supplies anyway." With that my mom hung up, I placed the phone back on its receiver just as Ryan walked in.

"Who was that?" he asked.

"My mom will be stopping by in a bit," I replied, "Shi is a little suspicious about you and wants to meet you before shi decided if you can stay with us."


Saphira and I were walking through the outdoor courtyard-like area of the hospital. I had been inside for the past few days and I wanted to get out and get some fresh air. It was a little chilly out, and I had on one of Saphiraís hooded sweat-shirts that shi had given me. Under the sweat shirt I had on a black leather, string tied top; the kind that had strings in the front. Saphira said it was the only thing shi could come up with that would fit my larger figure. The only thing I didnít like about the top was that I felt that my breasts were going to pop out of it at some point; there was plenty of coverage, but it sure didnít feel like it! Saphira was wearing a blue zip-up sweat shirt that went well with hir eyes. I wasnít all that great with clothing and colors, but I could tell when something looked good.

Anyway, were walking back to the hospital when another chakat approached us.

"Thereís my mom," Saphira said before waving. We approached each other, and I noticed that Saphiraís mom looked me over.

"Hello, Iím Chakat Treeclaw, child of Fyre and Clearfrost, Saphiraís mother," the almost all-gray furred chakat said. The only spot of fur on hir body that was not gray was a large white patch on hir chest. "You must by Ryan," Treeclaw said, "Saphira has told me a lot about you."

Saphira glanced at me; shi had told me about how hir mother had been reluctant to even come. Now, it seems that Treeclaw has had a complete turn-around with hir feelings towards me.

"So, how do you like it here?" Treeclaw asked.

"Itís fine," I replied.

"For having undergone such a change, all you can say is that itís fine?" Treeclaw asked.

"Okay," I said, "I really like it here; in fact, I wouldnít mind staying here."

"Well thatís good," Treeclaw asked, "If you would excuse use, Ryan, I would like to talk to Saphira alone for a moment."

Two days later

After a quick talk, Treeclaw said that I could come and stay with them for as long as I needed. Saphira had told me that hir mother had talked about me with intense curiosity; it was beginning to make me wonder just what I was getting myself into. Iím not saying that I feel that it is bad; I just can sense some interesting things happening in the not too distant future. Well, Saphira was at school, shi wouldnít be anywhere else at this time of day. I had gotten a hold of a Star Corps recruitment phone number and decided to give it a call.

"Yes," the recruiter said on the other end, "The SRO has sent some request for some equipment to further study this rip that you were involved in. We denied the request; we are too busy as it is to spend time on little rifts and things of the similar. The SRO usually just tries and takes over the investigation anyway, so we just leave it to them. Now, you said that you were interested in singing up with us?"

"Yeah," I replied, "I donít exactly have a place to be, and I figured that I should get my hands on a job first."

"Is there any particular reason why you called here first?" the recruiter asked.

"Well, ever since I had seen a star ship, I always wondered what it would be like to actually be on one."

"I might be able to get you in before the next semester," the recruiter began, "Any particular field you would like to study in?"

"Something with computers," I replied.

"How about Computer and Electrical Engineering?" the recruiter asked.

"Sounds fine with me," I replied, "Donít I have to present some kind of ID o you or something similar?"

"Iím going to bend the rules a bit," the recruiter stated, "I will get down what ever information you can provide me with now, then, once you get all the proper IDs you can bring them in and weíll get everything else filled out."

"Ok with me," I replied.

One day later

I was given the very small quest room to stay in at Saphiraís den. I had just enough room to lie down and be comfortable and that was about it. Saphira said it used to be an old closet, but they never used it for storing things in. The room was downstairs, which was a good thing. I didnít feel like trying to get up the stairs in hir house at the moment anyway. Yesterday, I had been informed that it would be possible to get me back into a human body; it was the matter of getting me home that was still of questioning. But did I really want to go home? I knew that my mom was probably worried half to death at where I might have gone. I could assume that there were search parties all over; checking the local computer stores, I bet, was one of the first places they had looked. Even though I might be able to go home, I didnít know if I wanted to. I was having plenty of fun here, I knew if I went back home I would want to find a way back, or I would end up contacting Saphira again by using my computer.

Anyway, I was standing at a cemetery, in front of my grave, Frostís grave really. "I guess you got suckered out of some good times," I said talking to no one but the graves, "I guess this is what happens when you get two teenagers and a dimensional rip in the same place; sort of." I paused to gather my words, "If it wasnít for you, I guess I might be down there."

"Ryan!" I heard Saphira call from our transport vehicle, "Come on, they wont wait forever."

"I guess this is farewell," I said, "And thank you for giving me this life."

I walked back to the transport and got in. I still found it a little awkward getting in and out of the unit; but each time I did, it got easier for me.

"The SRO said they have had no luck and would like you to come down," Saphira said, "That is, if you want to." Shi was seeing that I was a little upset; I was mad at myself for taking Frostís life. There was little that could be done about that now, though.

"Yeah," I replied, "I guess I will have to try sometime." Saphira drove to the warehouse where the accident had occurred. Several white vehicles were parked outside the ware house and transport units now surrounded the building.

When we got out, Saphira and I were approached by an SRO Official, "We have the building secure and we have been trying to open this rip but have not succeeded; would you be willing to give it a try, Ryan?"

"I guess the only way to close it would be to open it again," I replied.

"If it does open, we can make plans for getting you back home," the official replied. I cringed at what he had said; did I want to go home? We were both led into the building and I was given a laptop.


-connect client// IP = 877.254.55.25

connecting, please waitÖ

-connection established: waiting for server command


I looked up to see the rip open up again. "I guess it can be opened from either side." I said.

"Yeah, but how do we know it wonít cause the same effects to you as last time?" Saphira asked, "The breathing problem I mean." I heard the light scuffle of a mouse nearby, so I whipped out my tail and picked it off from a nearby rafter. I smiled at the feat as it had taken me a long time to learn to control my tail.

"Youíre getting good with that tail," Saphira said after I dropped the mouse in my hands. It wasnít exactly like the mice from my time, but it was close enough.

"Someone got some string?" I asked. "Why would you need string?" an officer asked, who was standing near me.

"This is our test subject," I replied. After some searching, I was handed a small spool of nylon-like thread. I carefully tied a loop in the thread, and then tied it around the mouseís rear leg. I then let the spool roll onto the ground and hung onto the mouse by the string. "Well, here goes," I said before throwing the mouse into the rip. The small group around me watched as the mouse landed, perfectly fine, in the room of the telephone building on the other side of the rip.

"Odd," one of the scientists said, "It seem the mouse is fine." I slowly pulled the mouse back, when it came through the portal it began gasping for air, much like I had done when I came through.

"I guess it only happens in one direction," Saphira said as the mouse died.

"I guess it is time to get you back in a more human body," one of the scientists said, "and send you home."

Did I really want to be human again? I was torn both directions. I could go back to being human, and go back home to probably never speak to Saphira, or any others I had met, again; or stay here, where I was actually enjoying myself. I knew that I still had a lot to learn about being a chakat, but I was finding it harder each day to even think about returning to a human form.


Ryan didnít say anything at the scientistís statement. After a few seconds he walked over to the wall and ripped a piece of wood paneling from the wall. He inscribed something on the panel using his claws, and then tossed the board into the rift.

"By going back, I would have to take on a new human body," Ryan said as he continued to stare into the rip, "I would have no way to prove who I was, my mom wouldnít recognize me, I would be a bum. In my time, records were everything; if youíre not on record somewhere, you donít exist. I realized that if I wanted to go back I would have to try and get a job, get a social security number and trudge through a bunch of red tape which I donít want to deal with." Ryan sighed lightly as he paused to think about something, "I took Frostís life without hir really having a decision in the mater; by going back to a human body and destroying this one, it would be like Frost lived in vain. I canít bring myself to do such a thing," Ryan said as he bent down and picked up a long metal pipe, "Which is one of the many reason why I want to stay here. I hope that all of you can understand that." There was silence in the building; the only thing I heard was the sound of a light wind outside and birds singing in the trees. A few minutes passed before anything happened. I was shocked to see Ryan suddenly heave the metal pipe into the rip. It crashed through the rip and into the other end where it hit the stacks of cables and servers. The rip began to close; I watched as sparks and smoke billowed from the electronic equipment on the other side of the rip. The rip closed after a few seconds; Ryan turned to me. "But mostly because I know that I can find friendship here that is far greater than I will ever find anywhere else."


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