The Admiral and the Chakat 5:    The Glade Revisited
By Bernard Doove with Boyce Garald Kline Jr.

Forest's nose twitched as shi was aroused from hir slumber by a delicious smell: coffee! Shi smiled, enjoying the aroma, then opened hir eyes. Boyce was not there in bed between shi and hir sister, but shi did notice that Goldfur was reacting similarly to the wonderful odour coming from the kitchen.

Boyce, always an early riser, had decided to make breakfast for everyone. Since the two chakats of the household had been asleep still, he had decided to at least get the coffee started. It was Chipinge, a coffee from Zimbabwe, which he had recently got from Gevalia Limited Editions coffee service and was the best coffee he had ever tasted! There was a pan of biscuits ready to go into the oven once everyone was up, as well as the fixings for several different types of omelettes in case someone wanted something more exotic than plain eggs. He was also prepared to whip up pancakes or coffee cake on request. Now all that was missing were his two lovely ladies. He decided to check on the two chakats whom he had left undisturbed earlier. He was surprised at the doorway as Forest opened it moments before he did.

The two had taken the time to brush out their fur into bouncy fullness. Forest had helped tie Goldfur's hair into hir usual ponytail with some long ornamental ribbons. They had gotten out clean halters but had not donned them yet. They were in the privacy of their own home and wished to be comfortably free. Besides, they had an appreciative guest and wanted to get his day off to a good start. Then they were ready for breakfast.

Forest gently collided with Boyce, the impact zone not going unnoticed by him. He smiled with pleasure, then said, "Good morning! Breakfast will be ready in moments, ladies. Coffee is served!"

Forest gave him a warm hug, rubbing hir hand up and down his strong back. "Mmmm. Good Morning to you too, love!" Goldfur came over to make it a three-way hug and the trio just stayed like that for a little while, simply enjoying each other's presence.

They finally broke and Goldfur demanded, "You said something about coffee. didn't you? Well, don't just stand there, a coffee-lover is waiting!"

Boyce laughed. "Your wish is my command," he said.

They trooped to the kitchen where he poured them all coffee. They drank in appreciative silence for a while, then Goldfur spoke up; "This is really delicious! What blend is it?"

"Chipinge. I thought you'd like it. I brought some with me for you to keep. Now, what do you want for breakfast?"

Forest immediately replied, "Omelettes with everything!"

"And plenty of them!" Goldfur agreed.

Knowing that chakats needed more food than humans, especially when they were eating for unborn cubs, he made the omelettes generous. He started with four eggs and a little milk for each omelette, beating them and pouring them into the waiting pans. As the eggs began to cook, he added generous amounts of fixings - cheddar and Swiss cheese, onions, peppers, ham, bacon...the list went on.

As per his usual timing, everything was completed within a minute of each other. Just as he finished setting the pan of biscuits on the table, the omelettes were ready. Expertly, he slid them onto the three plates, adding bacon and sausage. "Breakfast is served, my dears," he said with a flourish.

The two chakats complimented him on how delicious they looked and smelled and expressed their thanks. They tucked in with a huge appetite. Even though they were eating decorously enough, the food rapidly disappeared; not a morsel was wasted. When they were finished, all three sat back with satisfied sighs of repletion.

"You make the most delicious omelettes, Boyce," Goldfur said. Turning to hir sister, shi asked, "What do you say? Will we keep him?"

"Oh, definitely," Forest replied. "We've got plenty of lovers, but a really good cook is hard to find!" Shi ducked as Boyce threw an oven mitt at hir.

"On second thoughts, this one's too temperamental," shi declared, then made good hir escape.

Goldfur laughed, then said, "C'mon Boyce, I'll help you clean up."

As they were finishing up, Boyce asked, "So, what do you want to do today?"

Forest had decided that it was safe to rejoin them. Shi said, "I don't know, maybe get a few chores done?" Shi looked to Goldfur quizzically.

Goldfur replied, "I was thinking of giving my fur a really good brushing."

As an apparent afterthought, Forest added, "Perhaps we could abduct him and drag him off to the holosuites and make mad passionate love?"

They both gave him a wicked look, then looked back at each other and chorused, "Abduct him!"

"Aieee!" he cried in mock terror and tried to run, but even though they were both very gravid, the chakats were easily able to outrun him and capture him. Laughing, they lifted him up and carried him to the garage, pausing only long enough to grab their halters and hip pouches. Reaching the PTV, they gently tossed him into the back, hopped in, and took off for Melbourne city.

The ride was enjoyable and they shared jokes and laughter all the way. Soon, they reached Melbourne and shortly thereafter, the holosuite facility. They walked inside and checked in with the centre's control desk. Since Boyce was a part owner in the facility, and being early Sunday morning, there were very few users at the moment and they were able to get a holosuite right away.

"So Forest, would you like to show Goldfur New England or do you have some other place in mind?"

"Definitely the same as before. I've told hir so much about it and I want to share it with hir."

"Okay, New England in Spring, coming right up!"

He finished entering the program parameters into the computer interface. The computer's voice stated, "Program complete. You may enter when ready."

The doors to the holosuite slid open. "After you, ladies."

Goldfur grabbed hir sister's hand excitedly and pulled hir inside. They stopped just inside and breathed deeply of the scent laden air. Forest took the opportunity to watch hir sister's reactions to the scenery. Goldfur looked about hir with a look of pleasure on hir face. Slowly, shi stepped forward, trying to take in the beauty of the place.

Boyce called out from the doorway, "Take different paths. The holo-computer will start generating your duplicates on the way. The degree of sophistication of your holo-selves takes a bit of time to produce, even with these powerful computers."

"See you soon!" Forest replied jauntily waving. Shi took the left path while Goldfur took the right. They continued walking alone towards the glade, when suddenly they noticed that they were walking side by side again.

"I didn't notice the path rejoin," Forest said.

Goldfur thought a moment, then said, "I'll bet that we are only seeing the holograms of each other." Shi pointed at Forest and grinned. "You aren't real!"

Forest laughed. "A hologram is telling me that I'm not real! So, you're seeing a holo of me while I'm seeing a holo of you and we'll each be rendezvousing with another holo of Boyce. That could get confusing."

Goldfur had a wicked thought. "What if we could arrange sometime to have both our real selves and our holograms converge on Boyce. Then we could really turn the tables on him!"

"Hee! We've gotta do that one day! But not right now. There's a sexy man waiting for us. I'll race you to the clearing!"

The two chakats raced off, revelling in the friendly competition, the beautiful forest and the anticipation of the pleasure to come.

Boyce paused for the moment as the holosuite's door closed behind him, completing the illusion of a forest in New England in springtime. He breathed deeply, taking in the scent of the trees' flowers and the other smells of new, blossoming life coming back to the land after the long sleep of winter. Then he started down his own path towards the glade, this one a bit shorter than the ones his friends had taken. He wanted to get to the glade ahead of them, though he expected that they would tarry along the way for a while, taking in the beauty of the forests of his native Connecticut.

The glade was as he remembered it the last time he had been here - the blanket was spread on the ground and the food and drink were laid out on its surface. He remembered fondly the memory that came to mind - the day that Forestwalker and he had consummated their love. Vivaldi's "Spring" played gently and unobtrusively somewhere in the background and he smiled as a small breeze caused a small shower of flower petals to drift down from the trees.

Soon, he heard the giggling laughter of his two dear friends. Suddenly, they appeared, racing into the glade, Goldfur a full body length ahead of hir sister. "No fair!" Forest complained as they pulled up next to him, "I would have beaten you if I had been a little lighter!" Goldfur stuck out hir tongue. "Can I help it if you decided to have two cubs?"

Even in as good a shape as they were, their pregnancies had slowed them down a bit. Boyce watched appreciatively at the bit of a bounce to their breasts as they caught their breaths. Then the two chakats tackled him and together they rolled giggling on the blanket.

Their greeting complete, Boyce asked Goldfur, "So, what do you think of New England in the spring?"

"It's every bit as beautiful as you described it," Goldfur replied. "We have nothing like this where we live. I've got to make a point of visiting your home one Spring day."

Boyce smiled in appreciation then, reaching behind him, he lifted a bottle out of an ice bucket that it had been chilling in. "Would you care for something to drink? This is ngi juice, from Zhane's home world of Rakshah. It tastes a bit like guava."

Forest recognized it as the 'Magic Bottle'. "You can pour anything you want out of it," shi told hir sister. "Just rub the side and make a wish!"

Goldfur said, "No, I'd like to try this ngi juice first. I can always get something else later." Shi picked up a glass and held it so that Boyce could pour hir a portion. Shi took a swig and carefully examined its taste.

"Hmmm, you're right. It does remind me of guava. Very refreshing too."

Boyce poured out some for Forest and himself, then raised his glass and said, "A toast to friendship, lovemates and little cubs!"

"Hear, hear!" They clinked glasses and downed their juice.

Finishing off their first glasses of juice, they then began on the delicacies of the picnic feast before them. Shrimp and cherry stone steamer clams, oysters and mussels, corn on the cob, potatoes... all the fixings of a traditional New England clam bake. Best of all, there was the seafood that New England was famous for.

"Goldfur, have you ever had lobster before?"

"Sure, Australia exports some very nice lobsters, or crayfish as they are called here. They look a bit different to these though."

"Then you really haven't had lobster before and you're in for a real treat. These are reputed to be the tastiest species in the world." He explained to hir the method of tackling the red crustacean in front of hir. With the strength in hir hands, shi didn't need crackers to break its shell. He encouraged hir to try the meat in the claws first.

He watched hir pop the first piece into hir mouth, then he smiled as shi almost melted in pleasure at the first taste. He said to hir, "Now you can see why I like lobster so much. The North Atlantic lobster is both larger and its meat is more flavourful than the Spiny lobster. Plus, the meat is much more tender. Personally, I like the claw meat the best, since I find it is more tender and tasty than the meat in the tail."

The feasting continued until all were satisfied. Finished they all stretched out comfortably on the blankets.

Forest said, "You know, people who say that nothing beats sex have never had a really good meal like this. At least it gives it a run for its money!

"And you can do it in public!" Goldfur added.

They both giggled at this. Then Forest turned to Boyce and asked, "So what have you got on your mind now that that you've plied us with so much good food and drink?" Shi gave Boyce a knowing look.

Boyce smiled back. "Oh, I thought we'd just lie down on the blanket," he said as he laid down next to hir, "relax and enjoy each other's company for a while".

Forest's smile grew broad and tender. Shi rolled onto her side and held hir arms out to him. Wrapping their arms around each other, Boyce pressed his body close to hirs as they drew together for a long, love-filled kiss. Boyce's own smile grew wider when he felt Goldfur's body press against his back, hir arms wrapping around him as shi began to kiss and lick the back of his neck. He could feel himself quickly becoming aroused and, as close as he was pressed against hir, he was sure that Forest could feel it too.

He began to explore hir body, running his hand down hir side. He came to hir belly and lovingly stroked its swollen roundness. His hand moved lower on hir belly and his hand came in contact with her sheathed penis. As he stroked its length, a question came to his mind that he had been meaning to ask for a while. "Forest, what's it like for you to make love in the male role? Whenever we've been together with each other, you've always responded to me in the female role. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but I am curious. I love all your aspects, both female and male, and I'd like to know more about this side of you. I'd love to see you indulge your male side."

Forest was quiet at this and Boyce suddenly began to look uncomfortable. "Um, Forest," he began, his eyes looking everywhere but at hirs and his face beginning to blush. "Do you ... Could you..." His face turned beet red. "Do you think it would be possible if you and Goldfur could show me what it's like for you to make love in the male role? For you to make love to hir as a male would?" He continued quickly. "I don't want to put any pressure on either of you or have either of you do something that you wouldn't want to do or anything." He thought to himself, "Oh God, I hope they don't reject me or hate me or think I'm a total perv."

"I guess it's because I'm still learning about both of you, my new family and chakats in general that I'd like to know," he said. He turned his head to look at each of the chakats who had become very still, taking in his every word. "I guess it's because that I've seen how loving that you are towards each other that I suspect that you may have made love to each other before and that I ask this of you now." He looked into Forest's eyes, mortally afraid that he may have seriously offended them both. "I guess what I'm asking is, knowing that chakat society and customs are different from human ones, is this a normal, accepted part of your culture? I can see where it might be, chakats being a very sensual people. Is a normal part of growing up, learning about your own sexuality by possibly watching your parents and possibly practicing with your siblings? I'm sorry," he whispered, eyes downcast, "I guess I was just curious."

He had felt Goldfur stiffen against his back when he had first brought up this subject, and he was terrified how they would react to his request. Would they hate him for it? Would they be angry with him? Should he have kept his big mouth shut and never brought up the subject?

Then he wept in relief as he felt both chakats hug him, enfolding him with love and warmth. They had not rejected him.

When Boyce had calmed down, Forest began to speak to him.

"It's okay, Boyce. We realise how difficult this was for you to ask and we couldn't be upset with you for doing so." She lick-kissed his forehead before continuing. "As you may understand, this is an aspect of ourselves that we do not discuss openly, even with very good friends. The fact is, chakats are very logical and practical when it comes down to purely physical matters. There are very good reasons why incest is forbidden, but so-called morality is not one we accept. We recognise the need for genetic diversity and therefore do not breed with close relatives. We know about dangerous recessives that get reinforced by inbreeding, but these were eliminated in the chakat breeding program."

"So the bottom line is, all that is left is the mental health of the subject. Chakats are already predisposed towards a strong sex drive (no good creating a species designed for survival characteristics if they aren't interested in furthering the species!), so learning to deal with it from an early age is essential. If we have siblings, we might have an attraction for each other. Wise chakat parents work with this, but do not ever force it. So your answer is sometimes we do and sometimes we don't. We don't tell anyone outside the chakat community about it due to the stigma attached to it, but since you have become part of the family, you are now privy to clan secrets."

Forest smiled at hir sister over his shoulder, a smile of love and times together remembered. "Goldfur and I are very closely tied and have shared some intimate moments together. Shi is little more than a year older than me and we grew up together learning about everything including sex. I was a bit precocious in that area and I was ready for my first sexual encounter at the same time as Goldfur. We had always enjoyed doing everything together and it seemed only natural to choose each other, so we lost our virginity literally as one. Our sister Quickpaw is a lot younger than either of us and may never share this same intimacy. Anyway, the bottom line in all things with chakats is that the decision is based on two things: strict logic for practical things tempered with our loving attitude towards all we care for."

"I'm sure you understand our reluctance to discuss this before now. We really weren't sure how you would take it." Goldfur said. "Now you know that we would and do make love occasionally when our mates are absent and we are in the mood (which is most of the time), but we would never do it to have a cub. We didn't hide this from you, the subject just didn't come up before."

Boyce let out his breath in a long sigh of relief. "Thanks for the explanation, love."

Shi kissed him on the forehead again. Then shi asked Goldfur, "Sister? Would you object to showing him how two chakats make love?"

Goldfur grinned and replied, "Actually, I was wondering when you would stop yakking and get around to asking! I already suspected that Boyce would be curious and would inevitably experience it if he kept hanging around with us love-hungry siblings." Then shi started being more serious. "Come here dear sister and make love to me. Show our beloved admiral what it is really like when two chakats have truly cared for each other all their lives."

Forest gave Boyce a kiss then left his side to walk into the open arms of hir sister. They started to kiss. Not merely a quick buss or lick, but opening up to each other and greedily seeking each other out. Their arms pulled the other closer together, their breasts rubbing together, exciting both and urging them to greater efforts. Then Forest regretfully broke the hug, but immediately started on another tack. Shi removed Goldfur's halter and then started stroking the fur covering hir nipples. It was only moments before the hardening pink tits peeked out and Forest started licking them with long, slow strokes of hir tongue. Goldfur just leaned back and closed hir eyes in bliss while Forest sampled the contents of one breast, then the other. Forest then chose to move on. If it had been hir on the receiving end, shi would have enjoyed experiencing that for a lot longer, but shi knew that Goldfur had another spot that shi preferred even more. With sensuous strokes of hir hand, shi petted Goldfur's pelt, sifting hir fingers through the golden fur. Shi reached the base of the spine and started concentrating hir efforts there, gently at first, then with ever increasing strength. A low growl of pleasure began coming from Goldfur's throat as shi began to arch hir back, striving to increase the pleasure shi was getting from Forest's knowing fingers. They were side by side, facing in different directions. Forest's lithe tail floated in front of Goldfur who grabbed it, alternately washing it with hir long tongue and nipping it with hir sharp teeth. A chakat's tail is a very sensitive and sensuous part of their anatomy and Forest's own excitement grew with hir sister's attentions.

Boyce drank in the sight of the two sisters making love. As they explored each other's bodies, he could feel himself responding to the sights and sounds coming from them both. Both of them were beautiful, sexy and desirable, and seeing the two of them together like this was like a dream come true. He moaned slightly as he unconsciously stroked his arousing manhood through his pants.

The moment came when they were both ready. Goldfur's back was arched and hir tail moved aside completely to show the way to hir femininity. Forest's erection had been growing and was being pushed to full hardness by the scent of hir sexually ready sister. Only then did shi move behind hir and put hir forelegs on Goldfur's rump. Shi paused only long enough to say, "As the first time, and for all the years to come, I love you beloved sister. I join with you to celebrate our oneness of spirit." Then shi mounted Goldfur, hir penis knowing the way despite the added obstacle of hir pregnant belly. They came together with a mutual cry of joy, then Forest began the steady strokes that would build them both up to the heights of pleasure. After trying to explain it to Boyce, shi concentrated on experiencing the sensations of the male sexual role. Shi felt how hir member explored hir sister's depths and how it was in turn enfolded by hir. Shi continued stroking hir fur in all the spots that Goldfur liked to be touched most. They continued with this for a while longer but soon, in unspoken, but perfect agreement, they brought the experience to its climax. Forest increased the speed and strength of hir strokes whilst Goldfur stopped trying to make it last. Their excitement began to peak and then the moment was upon Forest. With a yowl of triumphant pleasure, shi began to ejaculate. Goldfur sensed hir coming, and the joy of doing this for this for their beloved admiral combined with Forest's highly effective ministrations pushed hir into orgasm. The two were howling their pleasure to all who could hear for what seemed an eternity, until finally they were spent.

They stayed together for a while, reluctant to break their union and using the time to regather their strength. Then Forest turned to face Boyce, affectionately smiled and asked, "Did that satisfy your curiosity?"

"Most definitely, love!" he said with a grin. "Watching the two of you together was very educational, not to mention arousing!" His grin broadened as he said "I damn near came in my pants!"

"Well, that would be a waste, wouldn't it? Why don't you save that for me, Boyce?" Goldfur said to him.

"As you wish, dear lady!"

Slowly, reluctantly, Forest began to withdraw from hir sister's body, low moans of lingering pleasure coming from them both as Forest's nearly flaccid penis came out of Goldfur's body. As Forest dismounted, shi said "I'll need a minute or so to rest, though. With the shape I'm in I get tired more easily these days."

"Now I won't have you saying anything bad about your shape. I happen to like your round baby belly."

"Thank you, Boyce dear. I'm proud of how I look too, but it still slows me down a bit."

"The three lay down on the blanket, Boyce this time laying front to front with Goldfur while Forest snuggled with him from behind. He held hir close to him for a few minutes, enjoying the smell of hir fur, so different than hir sister's forest smell, then he began to kiss hir. First kissing hir on the mouth, then giving hir lick-kisses on the cheek and nuzzling hir between hir breasts. Kissing his way to the back of hir neck, he opened his mouth wide and bit down firmly but gently, letting hir know he was claiming hir for his own.

Goldfur gasped, then groaned in pleasure. Shi did not know how Boyce knew just exactly what to do, but shi felt hir desire for him grow even more.

He continued kissing hir, trailing kisses down hir throat, then between hir breasts. He heard a whimper of pleasure as he took hir aroused left nipple into his mouth and began to nurse. As he drank, his right hand explored hir body, stroking and caressing hir belly where hir cub grew within hir. Moving his hand lower, he felt hir startled reaction as he reached hir sheathed penis and began to stroke its length.

"Well, well," he said, lifting his head from hir breast. "What have we here?" His hand closed around Goldfur's rapidly hardening penis. "Feels to me as if you'd like some attention paid to your maleness," he said with a smile.

Goldfur replied, "And it seems to me that there is someone wanting to take on that task." Shi smiled challengingly at him. Forest took this as hir cue to start stripping off his shirt. Meanwhile, Goldfur's hands made their way to the fastener on Boyce's trousers. Shi noted that there was somewhat of a strain on the fabric making the unfastening a trifle difficult. The two sisters had the admiral completely nude in a matter of moments. Goldfur crowed in triumph. "Ha! It seems there is more than one male member in need of attention around here. Now we will see just how complete your interest is, shall we?" shi teased him mischievously.

Shi laid down beside him, hir male member closest to him. Without hesitation, he grasped hir furry sheath and guided the swollen cock towards him. He poked out his tongue to just teasingly caress the tip, eliciting a gasp from Goldfur. Then he drew his tongue along the full exposed length of hir penis. The gasp turned into a growl of pleasure, telling Boyce that he was on the right track. He repeated this a few more times, then he took the plunge. He focused himself on pleasuring Goldfur's cock in ways that he had only known before from being on the receiving end. He took hir member into his mouth as much as he could and caressed it with his tongue and lips. Slowly, he pulled back to let it almost slide out again, then thrust forward to tantalise it again.

Meanwhile, Goldfur was enjoying his attentions immensely, but shi wanted to do more. The obvious thing to do was to reciprocate. Shi grasped his own turgid penis and began to remind him how a chakat's tongue felt. Hir actions caused him to falter momentarily, but he then forged on, determined that he was going to make hir come before shi did the same to him. Both drew on their previous experience of love-making to raise each other's excitement to the heights whilst trying to maintain control of their own selves. Goldfur was at a disadvantage though. In their pregnant state, chakats are actually more sexually ready than normal and a horny chakat can't be kept under control for too long. With an animal cry, Goldfur reached orgasm and started ejaculating into the admiral's ready mouth. Boyce tasted hir cum and enjoyed it, adding to the list of new pleasures he was learning today. But in doing so, he was distracted and lost control. He started thrusting reflexively as Goldfur's continued efforts brought about his own orgasm. Shi drank his seed, storing the memory of his taste.

The two finally rested for a while, their hands still upon each other's shrinking erection. Goldfur propped hirself up on one hand to look at Boyce better. "For someone who has only done this once before with Forest, you did that very, very well.

Thank you, love."

Forest added, "I can hardly wait to have him repeat it with me, but I suppose we had better not overdo do things in one session. He has to recover for a little later yet."

"And I look forward to showing you what I've learned," Boyce declared happily. Turning back to Goldfur, he said, "I've only just begun with you, beloved. Getting to know your male side has been an incredible experience, but now I will go back to that which I know best. Roll over a bit please."

He nudged hir hindquarters in the direction he wanted and shi rolled onto hir back, hir legs spread apart by gravity. Hir gravid belly seemed more obvious now. Boyce stroked his hand through the dense fur covering it, lovingly caressing hir beautiful form and the cub within. He leaned further between hir legs, parting the fur and fully exposing hir femaleness. He saw that hir vulva seemed swollen and warm, literally hot for a mate's attentions. His hand stroked hir nether lips, then he slipped a finger inside, feeling a tremor in response.

"Go on, Boyce!" Goldfur whispered, "I have been waiting for you so long."

Boyce put his other hand upon hir labia, then gently pulled them apart to reveal hir moist and hot vagina. He bent over, his talented tongue playing over hir exposed sex. Here he was an expert, playfully teasing and stimulating hir, sometimes plumbing hir depths, then just flicking hir clitoris tantalisingly. Goldfur had never known a better lover and few equals. A yowl of gratification heralded Goldfur's orgasm, soon to be followed by another as the admiral persisted with his efforts.

While the admiral was trying his best to do his duty to his lover, Forest was doing hir best to distract him with little things such as a lick-kiss to his cheek, a tickle to one of his many sensitive spots or a nip to his earlobe. Shi rubbed hir breasts sensuously up and down his hairy back, the rumble of hir purring transmitted by their bodily contact. Shi had recovered fully from hir session with hir sister and was now fully turned on again by the interplay between hir heart-mate and Goldfur.

Finally shi felt everyone was at their most ready and shi announced to both, "It's time to take the tri-form position."

The admiral was very distracted at this stage, but nevertheless was curious enough to ask, "What is this tri-form position?"

Forest replied, "It is what my lifemates call the "Chakat Manoeuvre", Boyce. My family certainly wasn't the first to do this. It's just that they do it so well!" Forest moved hirself into position in front of hir sister and they exchanged another kiss. "Your turn to be the focus, Goldfur. Make love to me once more."

Goldfur smiled tenderly at hir beloved sister. Shi noted hir pert nipples poking their tips well beyond the fur. Shi gave them a quick lick, feeling Forest's shudder as shi thrilled in response. Then Forest turned around and offered hirself to hir sister. Goldfur mounted hir as hir sister had done to hir not long ago. Shi settled on Forest's strong back, hir pregnant belly trying to push hir over sideways, then shi reached forward to caress hir sister's breasts, cradling them and playing with the nipples. After all these years, shi knew what Forest liked best. Then when they were fully ready, shi turned to hir other lover and said, "Now is the time, my love. Mount me and know that you are making love to us both."

Boyce positioned himself behind hir, his maleness throbbing with each beat of his heart, anxious and ready. He ran his hands through the fur of hir backside, eliciting a soft moan from hir lips. He moved up closer, touching the head of his penis to the swollen, hot and wet mound of hir femininity. Then slowly, powerfully, he sank himself into hir.

Goldfur moaned loudly as shi at last felt him within hir, filling hir, stretching hir open deliciously. Shi felt him continue sinking into hir until he was completely buried. It seemed that he almost reached the entrance to hir womb, so deep was he.

Boyce gasped and moaned at the incredible sensation of ecstasy he was feeling. Goldfur's body almost seemed to burn around him, so hot and ready was shi. Then he felt hir move beneath him as shi thrust hirself deep into Forest, his member pulling back out of hir until only the tip was still within hir. Then he deeply thrust himself back into hir as shi withdrew from Forest in hir return stroke, plumbing hir moist hot depths. They quickly adjusted to the pattern, rocking back and forth in perfect coordination, their enjoyment building exponentially.

Boyce's pleasure built, his hands busy stroking Goldfur's sensitive flanks. Then he remembered that he had two hands and he could use them to pleasure more than one. Reaching down until he felt Forest's penis, he took it into his hand and began to stroke its length, pleasuring hir maleness even as hir sister was caring for hir female needs.

The sheer intensity of the pleasure coursing through him was incredible and he could not hold on to it for long. He felt the light sweat break out on his lower back, felt his penis swell even larger inside Goldfur and knew that the moment was upon him. "Oh!...Goldfur!...I'm...Going...TO... GGGGGRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

He came! He roared out his pleasure as he filled hir with his seed, his manhood trying to do what Garrek had done many months before - to fill hir belly with life. Beneath him, he felt hir close tight around him as shi yowled out hir own twin orgasms, pumping hir sister full of hir seed even as hir body was in the throes of hir female orgasm. Then Forest cried out and Boyce felt hir penis throb and pulse in his hand as shi too came to simultaneous male/female orgasm. They split the air with their cries as they rode the crest of the wave of ultimate pleasure which washed over them. They tried to remain at the peak, endeavouring to make it last as long as possible but, at last fully spent, they finally came to rest, each of them still connected to the other as they savoured the afterglow of this incredible experience.

As always after experiencing double orgasms, the chakats were nearly helplessly drained. The admiral was faring little better after achieving his second intense orgasm in so short a time. He wished that the human form was a bit more durable in this matter, but then again, his companions were perfectly happy to just have him close.

When they inevitably slipped free of each other, Goldfur and Forest laid side by side, head to tail. They formed a pocket between them and indicated that Boyce was to make himself comfortable within. He settled within and found himself half covered by a blanket of fur. Then they moved their tails on top of him, effectively covering the rest of him. The sisters leaned on each other's rump, cradling their heads on their arms. Boyce relaxed in the love and security of two of those he loved most in the world.

The sisters in turn had always had an incredibly close relationship. Sharing the love of this man had only served to make their union even more complete. The bonds that they forged with this wonderful human strengthened the love for each other and the joy of life. They would protect Boyce with their own lives if need be, such was the depth of their caring. With their beloved mate of the heart safely ensconced between them, they drifted into an utterly happy and peaceful sleep.


To be continued in The Admiral & The Chakat #6: Truths

Characters and story copyright © 1997 Bernard Doove & Boyce Garald Kline Jnr.

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