The Admiral and the Chakat 6 Supplement:    The Mating Scene
By Bernard Doove with Boyce Garald Kline Jr.

Boyce drew Forest down to the mattress, pressing himself close to hir in a full body hug. Forestwalker melted to him, hir body thrilling to his loving touch. Shi threw a forepaw around his waist to pull him even closer. Boyce growled with pleasure at feeling hir so snugly against him. He began to move his kisses downward, kissing hir chin and moving downwards toward hir throat. His hands moved up hir back, moving under hir halter top.

Forestwalker's hands caressed his cheeks, his shoulders, his arms. Shi stirred his thick chest hair and moaned in appreciation as his hands fondled hir intimately. He helped hir to remove hir top, revealing hir magnificent breasts to him. Shi in turn quickly helped him take off his clothing, revealing to hir delight his obvious desire for hir. Forestwalker put hir hand upon his manhood, feeling its rigidity. "I think that this has been waiting too long," Shi grinned at him.

The admiral grinned back in response. "I think you're right, love." He then moaned as shi caressed him, waves of pleasure washing over his body. Dropping his head down, he nuzzled hir breasts, took hir left nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it as he pleasured hir right nipple with the fingers of his left hand.

Forest purred in pleasure as Boyce attended to hir greatest pleasure spots. In turn, shi put hir left hand on his buttock and gently squeezed while hir right hand stroked his trembling cock. Boyce gave a ragged moan around hir left nibble. He pressed more of hir breast into his mouth, drawing on the nipple until he could feel hir warm, nourishing milk flow. Greedily he drank it down, this most precious of fluids from hir font of life.

Forestwalker groaned with delight as shi felt hir mother's milk flow into hir lover's eager mouth. Shi put both hands on his buttocks and pulled him against hir torso, his swollen cock pressed hard against hir. Shi moved hir body so that it caressed his penis, taunting it into ever greater rigidity. Boyce growled as Forest's expert hands and body pushed him to new platforms of delight. He knew he couldn't last long under the ministrations of such an expert. "I want you!" He grated out, his eyes glazed with lust.

Forestwalker gasped "And I want you... NOW!" Shi rolled over and presented hirself to him, hir vulva glistening with the lubricant that will be so needed. Hir hands replaced Boyce's to keep up the wondrous stimulation of hir breasts, leaving him free to indulge them both. He moved up close behind hir, his throbbing manhood poised at the entrance to hir femininity. Placing his hands on hir hips, he slowly eased himself into the fiery furnace of hir body. Down he plunged himself, his manhood gently spreading hir open. Finally, he was buried within hir, the tip of his cock nuzzling the entrance to hir womb. Fully inside hir, he reached his right hand beneath hir, seeking hir sheath.

Forestwalker felt hir pleasure soar as Boyce entered hir, intimately joining them. Hir vaginal muscles squeezed his rigid cock, teasing it into giving him the greatest pleasure. Shi felt his hand moving towards hir maleness and gasped out a request. "Boyce, my love, I am almost at the height of my female cycle. Please just indulge that for now. I want those needs fulfilled to your utmost."

Boyce did as shi requested, leaning forward instead to put his hands around hir waist and he began to pleasure just hir female side. He held hir close as he caressed hir body, touching all of hir pleasure spots to add to the experience of their joining. His mind began to cloud with lust as his pleasure soared higher and higher. His breath came in grunts and snarls as he powerfully took his mate, thrusting deeply into hir body. Shi was his and he wanted to know it! With a snarl, he clamped his mouth down powerfully on the back of hir neck, staking his claim on hir.

Forestwalker starts to yowl softly, but hir voice started growing louder as hir pleasure grew near its peak. Shi pictured him caressing hir breasts as he mounted hir like a chakat lover. The intensity of hir lust grew as hir body responded to his thrusts. Then shi was shocked by his possessive bite, hir female side submitting entirely to his will. Hir climax roared upon hir and hir yowl turned into a cry of triumph. Hir body bucked in time with his as shi finally reached complete fulfilment with one shi desired so greatly.

Boyce heard Forestwalker's yowl of triumph beneath him and, as he felt hir body buck and spasm around him in the throes of hir orgasm, he came. He roared, crushing Forest to him as he buried himself completely within hir and his penis pumped jet after powerful jet of his fertile seed into hir waiting womb. He roared again as he felt hir close tighter around him, gripping him tightly to hold him within hir. He danced with hir at the peak of ecstasy for an unknown but all too short amount of time before they began to slowly spiral down from their peak. Slowly, slowly, the orgasm abated. Boyce's mouth once again clamped down on the back of hir neck, reminding hir that shi now belonged to him. He crushed hir close and kept himself deeply buried within hir, not allowing any of his precious seed to escape, keeping it where it belonged.

Forestwalker groaned one last time as the final spasm of orgasm shuddered through hir. Shi felt drowsy with fatigue, but feeling the continued weight of hir lover on hir back shi was very contented. Shi felt his manhood continue to link them and was careful not to break that union. "Thank you, dear heart. You were wonderful. Will you stay with me just as you are? I do not wish to be apart from you for one moment more now that we are finally bonded."

Boyce, his mind clearing of the haze of lust that had fogged his mind, slowly unclamped his jaws from Forestwalker's neck. Hugging hir tight, he said, "Yes, my beloved Forest, I would love to. I do not want to part from you either." Fatigue washed over him as he hugged hir close, his eyes barely open as he said "You were wonderful yourself, dear heart. If somehow we were compatible, I would have said that we made a cub today."

Forest softly purred, "And I would have been delighted, if it was possible despite the fact that I'm not quite in oestrus yet." Forest giggled softly. "But there's nothing to stop us from trying again, and again, and again......" Hir voice trailed off on that happy thought.

"And I will do my best to make you so happy that will never miss not having a child by me," Boyce declared.

Forest grinned, then said, "Then you had better get to work dear. I already feel the need for you to make love to me again."

Boyce was about to protest that it was still a bit too soon when a stirring in his loins told him that perhaps it wasn't. "Your wish is ever my command, mate of my heart, my soul and now of my flesh. Today is the start of a wonderful new chapter in our lives and we will see that our whole family is the stronger for our love."

The urgency gone from their need to be with each other, the lovers began what would become hours of pleasant love-making.....


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Characters and story copyright © 1997 Bernard Doove & Boyce Garald Kline Jnr.

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