A Long Twilight Journey

Chapter 7

By: Athirne

Rajel was a mage and vary close to Athirne, or at least as close as a fellow mage can get to him. They were cozens and were about as opposites as two people could be.

While both had once planed to focus on the arts of healing and protection it was Athirne who had split off at the assistance of the Polaris Deities. Instead he was trained in the arts of deception and war. When Athirne had scoured him self to near death, Rajel was balanced and kept her pigmentation.

However, when one was in trouble the other was always there. Not once but three times the mages tried to put Athirne to death for his atavistic genetics, and it was Rajel and her friends that delayed the issue until the Polaris Empress and deities could get themselves involved.

Now it was a similar manner which she burst into the Mage council room.

"As Mage Athirne’s official successor for his station and title I demand access to the council," she demanded with eyes glowing a soft red and black hair flying in all directions.

The cloaked 11 mages in the room just looked at her before one made a dismissing gesture with his hand.

"You are not intimidating anyone here, unlike Athirne you do not scare us. Besides there is no evidence to show he has been incapacitated for his leadership post for over one Polaris day."

"It has been three Polaris days since he vanished and we found a crippled part of his transport’s hull floating in slip jump. It was clear something destabilized his jump and that his ship is either critically disabled or destroyed. What else do you need to know?" shi demanded.

This time another mage, a female, replied.

"Mage Athirne has show to have the survivability of a altask. He puts the Earth cockroaches to shame. Besides if anything he is probably playing some kind of a trick for us to feed into one of his schemes."

Now Athirne and Rajel had taught each other some spells from their areas of specialization. Without Rajel, Athirne would be unable to cast shield and barrier spells. And without Athirne, Rajel would be unable to cast fireball and stealth spells. Right now she was rather tempted to see how many fireballs she could unleash into the chamber before she was stopped.

"We all know why you are slow to deem him incapacitated. You want our influence gone and most of all HIM gone."

The room fell silent as Rajel let her words sink in.

"He is simply to dangerous this is for the best," another female replied. "

It was the leader who spoke next.

"Vary well then, I officially change my vote to a move to deem Mage Athirne incapacitated. The vote is now 6 in favor and 5 opposed…"

He looked at a thin piece of what looks like a plastic sheet before he continued.

"As such both the Monarchy and Mages are in agreeance with how to proceed with this matter. For the next twenty Polaris standard days Mage Rajel, as ordered by Mage Athirne, shall act as his voice in this council. Furthermore Chakat Redbranch shall act as his Polaris political and Pride voice. Lastly Izal Ra shall act as his religious and ceremonial voice.

If after forty days Mage Athirne has not returned to his post then the Mages shall fill in his seat with a full mage of their choice. Mage Razel will continue Acolyte Deirdre’s education and, along with Chakat Redbranch, be hir advisors as shi takes legal control of hir father’s pride."

Commotion took over the council chambers as a few congratulated Rajel as the others spoke their outrage.

"I am not done yet," the leader’s voice boomed. "Also the empress, while she still has many good years ahead of her, has signed her own succession papers incase she is to die before she can produce an hair that the leader of Pride Athirne shall become the next Empress of Polara and the Polaris Empire."

Rajel took this time to slip out from the chambers before the two sides, those that support Athirne and those who support the current leader, went at it. Though nothing violent would occur the words exchanged would take a close second in severity.

It was still hard for her to go over everything the council leader said. She would be placed in THAT council… could she survive even forty days? What if Athirne never comes back and she has to train and advise the young chakat/human/atavist child who could also become empress of this world?

Her mind continued racing until a thought of Athirne calmed her down again. What if Athirne came back and something happened to the empress before she could produce an heir?

She laughed uncontrollably, "Empress Athirne!"

Athirne was laying down on his back. The air was incredibly thin and already his shuttle had long since died. It felt like a part of his brain was suddenly dead.

His mind closed and he kept on trying to slowly shut down internal organs and decrease oxygen consumption. Worst yet he was becoming hungry, a hunger unknown to all but those of Atavist descent. He wanted to feed.

Nothing was had gone right in his life. He was born the bastard child of the universe. Already he was little more then a tool.

The Stellar Federation wanted him to be their secret weapon, the mages wanted him to consolidate their power and then quickly die, and the Polaris want him to become a god and leader. Only his chakat and daughter cared for him.

He thought back to the day when he slaughtered the federation research station and smiled...

A younger Athirne stood before his vivisected half sister who was now just floating in little tubes of formaldehyde. Across his face a large sadistic smile was shown. His sanity was long gone by this point.

He was dressed in a smile white coat and white pants. All jewelry, footwear, gloves, and his staff was left in his transport. After all he was here for revenge, not magic tricks.

An equation entered his mind and soon the tubes containing his sister flashed as space folded and consumed them only to reappear a moment latter in his ship.

The door to the examination room opened, he felt the presence of prey enter. In the reflection of broken glass he saw a frightened Rakshan security guard pointing a rifle at him.

"Tell me, you have seen your comrades slaughtered, why continue to fight?" Athirne asked.

He added a sight of pure terror to any Rakshan or Caitian, thin long blades of delicate energy sprouted from his fingertips like exaggerated claws that equaled the length of his fingers and thumbs. This was the sign that their deities of old had given to them as signs of pure evil, their equivalent to demons or vampires.

"I must face my fear, I shall do my best to avenge those you have killed," came her trembling reply.

Athirne turned around and looked over this young Rakshan. She was somewhat attractive by Rakshan standards, but a true beauty by his. He could see she was a warrior like him, and an honorable one at that. Perhaps if this never happened, and her kind wasn't so deathly afraid of Atavists they could be good friends or comrades.

"You are worthy of my claws, but you are not worthy of death for it is to good for you and this has become a graveyard of the impure and twisted. I will offer you a choice; life, death by my claws, death by my hands, or you may offer yourself to death," Athirne began reciting from an old Rakshan story.

She was stunned for a moment as the story went through her mind. In the story a dark one in service of the gods had taken vengeance upon the gods as they proved unworthy of the Rakshan. The remainder of the pure gods make the perfect Rakshan warrior who then battled to remove the good dark one. The warrior then takes her own life as all the other end in dishonor and the dark one, touched by the gesture and honor of the warrior, joins her in death to make a place in death worthy of her presence.

This dark one was not going to join her in death though. She raised the rifle and took aim.

"I chose death by your hands," she replies and discharges her weapon.

Athirne effortlessly dodges the phaser blast. He then spins, takes three steps forward, and uses his right hand to chop at her neck. His human hand slices through her neck like a blade and soon she is decapitated. Her body falls to the floor as his right hand drips with her blood.

"Your great warrior and the dark one is waiting for you. You may not be worthy of death, but you are worthy of their presence."

He let out a sigh and looked her over. Such a waste, she should have chosen life. The blood soaked fingers pressed against his lips.

"Love your enemy enough so you will kill them without spite and swiftly. Thus spoke the Rakshan gods... and Zarathrustra."


Athirne was brought back from his memory as a seizer riped through his body. The tech within his body was screaming with pain now. His transport died trying to save him when he crashed, now his tech may join it to try and protect the host.

"Why am I surrounded by death and pain always?" he asked his surrounding's. "Was my birth truly that much of a crime? Will my entire life be only cataloged in some weapons history book? I am a person so why is it that I am not treated as such?"

Tears were rolling down his cheeks now. Why can't I just become one of those Deaf-Mutes?

The enraged Athirne made his way back to the shuttle bay to see if there were anymore of those god damned scientist.

He spotted one desperately pounding at the door of a broken escape pod. The atavist claws sunk into the creature's back as he feeds on his body's energy. Soon what was left was the body of a scientist and little more.

Athirne went a few more sections down and spotted a chakat. Shi was shaking in fear as shi looked at his bloodied form.

"You did all of this?" shi asked.

"I merely finished this," the blood soaked atavist replied.

"So you knew her?"

"She was my half sister. You killed her just to try and get a weapon against the Borg."

The feline whimpered, "I am just an assistant, I wasn't even involved in the project. Please don't kill me."

"Whats your name?" Asked Athirne.

"Redbranch," came the reply.

He heard voices outside of his mind and tech. His eyes opened and he saw three nude Polaris standing above him.

"Don't worry Lord Athirne, we found you and we have a command carrier waiting. In a few more days we will reunite you with your pride," one of the females replied.

The sadistic smile came back to his face. Redbranch and Deirdre was his life. They were what kept him alive and sane through all of this hell. If only he could leave the universe behind and just live with them. He would kill death itself for them, he wouldn't didn't even give a damn what the consequences would be.

Even though he didn't want to admit it, he was forced to become a god after all.

To be continued.

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