1. hunted for cuddles
2. Ash: the all purpose chew toy
3. Gotta love the plot device
4. Sad truth to a sad way of life
5. Porno. the universal answer for all
6. Vegemite. hated by all yanks
7. Not really a discipline type Ash is.
8. CHRISTMAS. excuse for no comic (HA)
9. Shower time... what?
10. The black hole that is Purs stomich!
12. Going shopping
13. Just like in the movies.
14. The plan that was Ash
15. Deal with the devil.
16. And the face of evil is.... Irony
17. Come uppens by a friend.
18. No price on life

ASH... The real prince of pr0n!

19. Plot Twister for all!!!
20. A playful and nice kind of smut!

21: Not your typical porn maker Deakin is.
22: You know when she gets anime eyes your doomed!
23: I'd go ether way myself.
24: It's a wonder why he's not a womanizer.
25: Mail gone bad.
26: Like an exploding letter!
27. Ash has an idea..... no it's not porn!!!
28: New dreams, and shat! ones
29: My favorate kind.
30: Beer. not bear, Beer!
31: Ash's mind is very complex, maybe.
32: Even Ash needs to relax once in a lifetime
33: A design that could only come from a bogan
34: The last bit's a dirty lie i swear

Dead as a doorknob.

35: You truly didn't this coming
36: Plot twist o-rama
37: It always ends with porn in my world
38: It might be the first time devils have felt love.
39: It's the pose that gives it away!
40: Hes gonna have to chuck his porno collection now
41: Ah the wonders of kibble
42: All your hugs are belong to pur!

Cute, Lovable and scared shitless..

43: All too common, Women AND MEN!!!
44: those god damm anime eyes again!
45: Ash, master of PS2, hater of X-box
46: Transformers turght me well...
47: It was enevitable
48: I need a face eating cat
49: Summing up and yiffing down


50: Love can only blanket fear for so long

51: Truths and over truths
52: A plan heh, doesn't look like one
53: how does he do that?
54: Ash, a roo of many tattos
55: see the connection?

56: yeah, and dingos bite when angry
58: cats opinion does not conseve my own
59: Dix knows more about Ash then Ash does...
60: and what is to become...
61: tears of happyness
62: it always ends with copyright infringement.

Going to school

63: finaly updated 0.0
64: X-MAX kinky kniky no 2
65: what just did his father do?
66: depressing fact 1: in life you will meet many assholes...please dont be one of them
68: need a mericle.. call blessed-a-Joe-Joe
69: yeah. most comics do something rude for no 69...NOT ME XD
70: 480 beers on the wall.. 480 beers!!
71: all girls should be told that..
72: Dog boy + Pur = >:) hehehe

73: dont take candy form strangers... Ice cream however..
74: Whats ash upto now and why the name alex?
75: And thus ends the era of confusion over leons real name...well..not really
76: Like pur.. this is also quite true.
77: ash's advice: good, Lizes advice...minconstruding at best.
78: PUR'S FIRST KISS... Sort of.
80: The laws of male "constatution" don't apply in dreams.. unlucky in ashs case

Liz's past

81: A question needing answering
82: And yes. even nerds
83: A woman ploting is a deadly device
84: No one girl can resist the power of truth..or something like that

85: yeah.. i'd be shocked too...
86: ... wow didn't see that common
87: Someone kidnap that bunny for me.. pwease..
88: Sometimes there's nothing better then simplicity

Dix's confession

89: Blaming lifes issues on a mental illness: it's the new fad.
90: Somewhere over the rainbow
91: Controdictive isn't it.

92: Yes thats right.. soup.
93: A very long time ago
94: A link had to come in somewhere.
95: SA LA VE.
96: and she lived happly ever after..
97: TA-DA!
98: to be human.. err furrie
99: almost a 100 but not quite there yet

100: if you expected better.. HA

Pur the Princess

101: Pur + Ear rubs = murrrr
This needs to be said..
102: ...just..don"t ask....
103: damm those eyes again!!
105: intolerant bastard.
106: The costumes we hide under
107: better late then never
108: Yes floors get messy..
109: 3 inches people.. thats alot of hurt right there XD
110: nuff said
111: it all happened in bullet time i swear.
112: and where back..

Purs History

113: Fight for life. Earn for life.
114: The enemy of my enemy is a god damm legend!
115: It doesn't matter why...

116: Light heart change of pase


117: In comes a new character..no idea why.
118: Her name is pet.
119: Never wake up Ash eruptly..ever!
120: revenge - dominance - cuddling.. no 3 is better.
121: No one will know i had no idea what to draw on panel 4 now...
122: pur knows all you know
123: weeeeeeeeee twister!