Ahh, yes, the ubiquitous 'this is me' bit of every personal website. I'm a twenty-one year old Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Newcastle. I'm fascinated by clever and innovative engineering design, transportation technologies (cars, bikes, boats, aircraft...), and how difficult it is to write about yourself without boring everyone to tears. As is the case for most mechanical engineering students, I'm male.. Uhh, did I mention that I like fast cars? Anything fast, actually. Well, almost anything. I certainly wouldn't be caught dead on one of those little death-trap scooters.

(That said, those scooters don't really count as 'fast' - they're too unstable after you reach walking pace)

In my awfully limited spare time I sometimes draw, help run Stellar Convergence MUCK and sometimes even write MPI code. A few years ago when I had a lot more time and a little more money, I also used to make costumes. If you're wondering where all of my spare-time is going these days, it's all being consumed by university studies and the Formula SAE competition.

Why 'Atpaw'?

'Atpaw' started off originally as both a unique name to call myself on the internet, and a little logo that I stamped my old 3D renders with. Basically an 'at' symbol, followed by a stylised pawprint - something like the sketch in the top left of your screen only a little neater. Failing that, well, I refer you to that old song o/` It seemed like a good idea, at the time! o/`