Yep, it's true, I couldn't resist the temptation of using *that* joke, just like everyone else on the net. You know what? I don't regret using it. Much.

In a strange clustered-into-groups-but-otherwise-relatively-alphabetical order....

Friends with websites - Because you're probably bored of this page already :)

Gryf'n - Friend of mine in Sydney, scarily good artist (usually ranging from 'excellent' to 'photo-realistic') and all-round nice guy. I spend most of my time waving my feeble drawings in front of him and pestering him with questions about how I could improve my technique. ;) This particular page of his mostly features transformation pics. Go take a look. :)

JAWolf - Just Another Wolf, apparently. Costumer, programmer, artistic type, and generally very cool person. One day he'll take over the world, or something else neat like that. And then we'll all be sorry. His website features a fair amount of content, mostly to do with his creations over the past five years.

Lone Wolf's Den - Lone Wolf's a good friend in the UK. Apart from having perhaps the most unoriginal name on the internet, LW's not that bad. Well, actually.. He's doing a maths degree, and yet he can't do the mathematics I have to tackle in mech-eng, which is a bit poor, and... Eh, who am I kidding. He's a great fellow, good to hang around, and he's got a good future ahead of him both musically and mathematically. If only he had to study differential equations!*grins* Take a look at his page, there's a heck of a lot of content there.

Marrok - Marrok's a fan of fast cars, a mechanical 'tinkerer' and not a bad costumer. Many long discussions about who makes the best sportscar, why all the sportscars of the '80s were slower than family sedans, and other crazy things.

Whyrl - Whyrl's a software engineering student o'er Queensland way. Our musical tastes are polar opposites, leading to many blank looks whenever we quote song lyrics at one another. He writes stories from time to time, and his team won the soccer-robot competition at his uni, too. Woo! :)

Womble - Womble's perhaps the most insanely creative person I know, and what's more he does it damn fast, and damn well. He draws! He writes music! He invents languages! He makes websites! I'm yet to find out if he makes Julienne fries at all, letalone three different ways, but I'll be sure to tell you if I do. He's also done far, far too many drawings of my character, leaving me with absolutely no chance of returning the favour unless I spent the rest of my life churning out sketches or something. Lots of arty stuff on his page, and music and so forth.


Engineering stuff - Inspirational designs and other impressive things

Bionic Dolphin - Futuristic one-man high-speed semi-submersible/hydrofoil. At first I only had a handful of pictures of this design, but was pleasantly surprised to discover a number of my 'how did they do that?' theories turned out to be correct. I've been tempted to try building a similar thing, more as an exercise in designing an entire vehicle on paper than a serious project due to having to live on a student's income. I can't be the only person who wants one of these.

CarterCopters - The CarterCopter is a unique and innovative autogyro design, one which has already broken world-speed-records for autogyros in test flights - The designers are anticipating cruise speeds of up to 400mph, which is a far cry from the old ~100mph speed record for a 'gyro. Impressed? Take a look at their idea for an aircraft to replace the aging Hercules. This is what happens when engineers have a crazy idea and too much money, and I can't wait to see if the planned 'mock-up' flies. Good luck!

Decavitator - One-seat man-powered hydrofoil. I'm impressed by the design - it reached a speed of 18.5 knots on a 100m course, which certainly isn't Much Ado About Nothing. In fact, it's the current world record for a man-powered boat.

Lotus Cars - Home of the car I'd consider selling my soul for, the Lotus Elise, and another long-time favourite, the Esprit. Brilliant engineers. Hopefully they'll continue their quest to design the some of the purest sportscars around for many many years to come.

MR2.com - Possibly the #1 MR2 website on the net. Lots of information on all three major variants of these lightweight and affordable (and impractical - impracticality goes a long way) mid-engined sportscars.

The WIG Page - Good resource for Wing-In-Groundeffect aircraft/boats. Impressive pieces of engineering, though they do seem to 'fall between two stools' in a way.